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Dining Chairs with Arms for the Elderly

As we age, participating in normal, everyday activities – like socializing with loved ones over a freshly prepared meal – may become more difficult. Pain, reduced leg strength, and balance problems can make mealtime challenging for seniors and elderly diners.

Smiling senior sitting in a VELA dining chair for elderly.

Improve Your Quality of Life with an Ergonomic Dining Chair

Most people don’t think about how they sit while eating because it’s easy for them to settle into a comfortable position and effortlessly enjoy their meal. The average person also doesn’t have to worry about dysphagia, aspiration issues, or how to move to and from the dining table.

Sadly, many seniors and elderly diners struggle with all the above.

Dining with Pleasure

At VELA, we understand the importance of regaining one’s independence and the joy of dining together. That’s why we’ve designed mobility dining chairs with arms for seniors and elderly individuals, specifically tailored to support their dining room activities and improve their quality of life.

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Dining Chairs for Seniors:
Support and Safe Transfer

Being able to cook, set the table, and move around by yourself are essential components of any independent lifestyle. If you have reduced leg strength, poor balance, or low energy, a dining room mobility aid can help restore your ability to be self-reliant.

At VELA, our senior living dining room chairs and kitchen chairs for elderly promote an ergonomically correct sitting position, enabling you to confidently participate in meals and restore your peace of mind. Our ergonomic dining chairs are also quite comfortable, which means you can socialize with your guests long after the meal is over.

Wheels Make You Mobile

With a VELA Chair, you can safely sit and “walk” or push yourself around, for example, to the dining table. You can also easily adjust the chair’s height to the table and activate the brake to enjoy a newfound sense of stability and security in any dining situation.

Use the Chair as a Mobility Aid

Set the Table Yourself

Equipped with four, smooth-running wheels, our dining chairs with arms for seniors also have a sturdy brake that makes it easy for you to sit still. These features allow you to move around safely in a seated position, even while carrying items in your hands.

A VELA Chair also has an electric height adjustment feature, empowering you to reach food or serving ware items located in low or high cabinets without straining. While seated in our chair, you can also efficiently perform other mealtime tasks, like setting the table, clearing the table, and placing tableware in the dishwasher. Our chairs can also function as a cooking chair, allowing you to prepare meals comfortably and safely.

Reduces Your Risk for Dysphagia and Aspiration

Do you have trouble swallowing or experience issues with food going down the wrong way? If so, the VELA Chair is one of the best dining room chair and mealtime aid options for seniors and elderly individuals.

No matter how you prefer to sit, you can adjust the VELA dining chair with arms for seniors to promote a good posture and prevent slouching while eating.

By achieving an upright sitting position and minimizing the risk of slouching over your plate, you can avoid many of the eating-related factors that cause aspiration or breathing difficulties.

Supports Your Body and Diaphragm

If you have ALS, Parkinson’s, or another condition that keeps your body from doing what you want it to do, the VELA Chair can help you achieve a correct sitting posture while eating. By supporting your body in an upright position, our chair also stabilizes your diaphragm – giving you the best posture possible for breathing and eating simultaneously.

Being able to eat and breathe at the same time will allow you to participate more in the mealtime conversation with confidence and a restored sense of well-being.

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Provides Stability and Security

Poor balance often makes it difficult to safely reach items further away on the dining room table. All VELA chairs have a strong brake that makes them stable and safe while supporting seniors and elderly individuals with balance issues. 

In addition to the brake, the chair’s sturdy armrests provide you with reliable support. Once you’ve finished eating, you can comfortably recline in your VELA chair and continue talking – which is an essential part of dining together with friends and family.

dining chair with arms for elderly

Sets Healthy Mealtime Boundaries

As a must-have dining and kitchen aid for aging adults, our chair is designed to meet many of your normal, everyday cooking, eating, and mealtime challenges. 

In addition to being very comfortable to sit in and move around, the VELA dining room chair also makes it easy to attain the proper position at the table – resulting in a safer, more positive, and relaxing dining experience. 

And because calm is an essential part of any enjoyable meal, the chair’s armrests create an enclosed space that is highly beneficial for seniors who experience body unrest while sitting at the dinner table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the best chair height for elderly?

    The best chair height for the elderly will depend on their individual height and mobility needs. Generally, the chair should be at a height where their feet can rest flat on the floor. This can be obtained either with a lower seat height or by tilting the seat forward. The VELA Chair offers both seat tilt and adjustable height feature, which is perfect for this, allowing for customization to each user’s specific needs, which promotes comfort and ease of standing up and sitting down.

  • What is a geriatric chair?

    A geriatric chair, often referred to as a therapeutic chair, is a chair designed with the needs of older adults in mind. It typically offers features like adjustability and increased comfort to meet the requirements of the elderly. The VELA Chair is a prime example of such a chair, combining functionality with comfort and safety. Its adjustable features and ergonomic design provide optimal support for seniors, promoting their independence and mobility.

  • What is the best chair for elderly with back problems?

    The best chair for elderly with back problems would be one that offers robust lumbar support, adjustable features, and is easy to get in and out of. The VELA Chair is an excellent choice in this regard. Its ergonomic design promotes proper posture and reduces strain on the back. Additionally, its adjustable height and tilt features allow for customization to ensure maximum comfort, making it an ideal choice for seniors with back problems.

  • How do I choose the right height for my chair?

    When choosing the right height for your chair, consider your physical characteristics and comfort. Generally, when seated, your feet should rest flat on the floor, and your knees bent without hurting. Having your knees bent 90 degrees or above eases standing up and sitting down. The VELA Chair is an excellent choice as its adjustable height feature allows you to customize the chair’s height to your specific needs, ensuring maximum comfort and support as well as making it easier to stand up from the chair.

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