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Multi-Functional Mobility Aids for Seniors

While the average senior wants to be self-sufficient, functional limitations often make it more difficult for them to safely move around while inside their homes. Uniquely designed with seniors and the elderly in mind, our chairs empower those with mobility issues by helping them lead more active, independent, and productive lives.

Woman using mobility aid for seniors to collect coffee in the kitchen

The Latest Advancement in Mobility Aids for Elderly

As we age, our strength, balance, and coordination often suffer. Once-fun activities, such as favorite hobbies or socializing with loved ones, can start to feel more like chores. On the bright side, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not when there’s the senior chair from VELA.

As highly-advanced mobility aids for seniors, our quality chairs pair leading-edge technology with innovative comfort features. As an independence-promoting, hybrid mobility aid, a VELA Chair provides the ideal solution for today’s active senior lifestyles.

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Life-Enhancing Mobility Devices for Seniors

Unlike other mobile chairs for elderly individuals, envision our chair as more of a daily companion that can assist you around the home. Once you get acquainted with your VELA Chair and discover how it can help you manage routine daily tasks, you’ll never want to be apart from it again.  

Picture yourself performing these activities with your newfound VELA “personal assistant”:

  • Starting your day by safely getting out of bed.
  • Comfortably moving to the bathroom so you can brush your teeth.
  • Effortlessly reaching for items in the kitchen before safely transitioning to the dining area all by yourself.
  • Enjoying peace of mind knowing falls and strains are no longer a daily concern.

These are just some of the ways a VELA Chair can help you reimagine your life. 

Ready to Experience the VELA Chair Difference?

Taking the next step in your independence journey is never easy. Once you’ve spent a few minutes learning more about the revolutionary VELA Independence Chair, you’ll see the difference it can make in your day-to-day activities. 

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VELA Chairs: Mobility Aids for Self-Reliant Seniors

As much more than senior mobility products or devices, our chairs have several built-in features that support your daily routine and restore your self-reliance. 

For starters, a VELA Chair is both a stand up aid for seniors and an ergonomic wheelchair. Our electric lift function gently transitions you from a sitting to standing position, minimizing stress on achy muscles and joints. The chair’s four, smooth-running wheels allow you to precisely navigate around your home – even through doorways and around furniture. Once stopped, simply set the sturdy handbrake to firmly hold yourself in place.

Prepare Your Own Meals

Imagine this: You start your day by effortlessly rolling from your bedroom to the kitchen using your VELA Chair. Once you’ve activated the brake and adjusted the seat height using the electric lift, you’re able to reach items on the top cabinet shelf or prepare breakfast on the stovetop with equal ease. 

After completing several chores around the house, you use your senior chair in the kitchen to make lunch and load dishes in the dishwasher. Later in the day, you effortlessly glide to the bathroom so you can groom and change clothes because friends are coming over for dinner. After preparing several of your favorite dishes, you hear the doorbell ring as your dinner guests arrive.

Greet Your Guests at Eye Level

At that point, you seamlessly glide towards the front door in your mobility chair and use the electric lift to comfortably stand up and greet them. After socializing over dinner, you take the conversation into the living room with minimal effort. That’s because our chair’s wheels and handbrake offer ease of navigation and reliable stability, even while negotiating small rooms and tight spaces.  

While serving as your reliable companion, a VELA Chair maximizes efficiency, comfort, and safety when used to perform routine, day-to-day activities. As a highly functional walking aid for elderly adults, our chairs help users lead more active, independent, and fulfilling lives.

Mobility Chair for Elderly Individuals

Should You Invest in a VELA Chair?
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Mobile Chairs for Elderly – Delivered with Pride

At VELA, we take pride in creating high-quality mobility aids for elderly users that elevate mobility assistance to a whole new level. Imagine a world where you can reap these benefits without relying on others courtesy of your VELA Chair:

Regaining your dignity and independence

Improving your self-esteem by completing daily tasks

Smoothly transitioning from one activity to another, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, watching TV, or entertaining guests

Enhanced comfort and stability, leading to a higher quality of life

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What Are You Waiting for? Live Life to the Fullest with a Mobility Chair from seniors

As a proud senior, why wait until tomorrow to start living life to the fullest? Because each day is filled with potential opportunities and experiences, don’t let mobility challenges keep you from being the person you want to be. 

Are the natural effects of aging disrupting your daily routine? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a VELA Chair, you can take back control of your life and regain your independence by once again doing activities you enjoy.

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Ready to Experience the VELA Chair Difference?

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can elderly improve mobility?

    Seniors can boost their mobility through consistent physical activity, including strength and balance exercises such as the sit-to-stand movement. The VELA Chair is a fantastic tool for these exercises, providing a supportive and adjustable platform to enhance strength, balance, and overall mobility.

  • What is the best way to improve mobility?

    Improving mobility often involves a combo of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and using assistive devices that promote movement. The VELA Chair is a top pick for this, with its adjustable features, supportive design, and its ability to assist with a variety of exercises, including sit-to-stand movements.

  • What exercises are good for seniors with mobility issues?

    Exercises like gentle yoga, resistance band training, and the sit-to-stand movement can be real beneficial for seniors struggling with mobility issues. The VELA Chair offers a secure and comfy platform for these exercises, especially the sit-to-stand movement, which is key for improving strength and balance.

  • Is it possible to regain mobility?

    Absolutely! With the right approach, including physical therapy and regular exercise, regaining mobility is definitely achievable. Until then you can benefit from assistive mobility devices such as the VELA Chair. The VELA Chair can also help with some exercises, like the sit-to-stand movement, providing a safe, supportive, and adjustable platform to enhance strength and balance.

  • What are common mobility issues in elderly?

    Common mobility issues in seniors include having a hard time getting up from a chair, difficulty walking, balance issues, and a general decrease in strength and endurance. The VELA Chair is designed to tackle these issues head-on. With its adjustable height and solid braking system, seniors can practice exercises like the sit-to-stand movement, improving their mobility and independence.

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