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Kitchen Cooking Aids: A Chair with Arms for Elderly Persons

As the heart of the home, your kitchen supports many of your daily living activities. It’s a place where you prepare meals, drink your morning coffee, open mail, and entertain your houseguests. 

Are the effects of aging keeping you from spending time in your kitchen? As the ideal solution for getting around in your kitchen, a VELA Chair helps you remain independent by making normal, everyday kitchen chores and activities safer, easier, and more manageable.

A kitchen chair with wheels and a brake used by a senior to prepare food.

Take Back Control of Your Life with a VELA Chair for Kitchen Activity

Many independent seniors struggle with health conditions and balance issues, as well as joint and muscle pain, that make standing and performing routine kitchen tasks more challenging. 

With our kitchen chair for the elderly, you can still do your daily kitchen chores – even if your leg strength and balance aren’t what they used to be. Once you’ve tried a VELA Chair for the kitchen that fits your needs, you’ll enjoy renewed peace of mind by allowing your mobility aid for seniors to do all the hard work for you. 

A Reliable Kitchen Cooking Aid for Aging Adults

When you’re older, standing up next to your kitchen countertops, stove, table, or fridge can quickly deplete your energy and aggravate neck, leg, and back pain.  

Uniquely designed for the senior, our cooking chair for elderly and kitchen chair with arms allows you to safely and comfortably perform a variety of kitchen activities – like cooking, setting the table, and washing dishes – without overworking tired legs or expending too much energy. Our kitchen chairs with wheels provide additional mobility, making it easier to move around the kitchen effortlessly.

The Best Kitchen Chair for Seniors? Trust Our Customers

As one of the best kitchen chairs for seniors and the elderly out there, a VELA Chair can help reduce or eliminate many of the daily kitchen challenges that accompany the aging process so you can continue living independently with dignity and self-confidence. Kitchen cooking aids like the VELA Chair provide the support and mobility needed to perform various kitchen tasks with ease.

Still not sure if the chair is right for you? Trust all the customers who were in your place before they got their own!

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Personal stories – Now Seniors Can Cook Again

Cooking Chair for Elderly in the kitchen - Patrick's story

Patrick’s story

I can’t stand up and talk to someone for more than a few minutes. If you haven’t experienced challenges with balance yourself, it’s really hard to comprehend how much it dominates everyday life.

Lilly’s story

Now I enjoy cooking for several days at a time, and it makes a world of difference that I can peel the potatoes myself. A good diet is important when living with arthritis – and doing the work also builds up an appetite.

Kenneth’s story

Previously, I couldn’t help with making dinner while standing up, especially by the stove. I needed something to hold onto because you never know when you are going to fall. I cook and stir the pot now because I can use both of my hands.

Solveig’s story

I used to burn myself on the oven all the time, whenever I needed to take something out of it. That doesn’t happen anymore. Now I raise the chair up to the oven, and that means I do not burn myself on the edge of the oven door.

Caroline’s story

Now I can reach pots and plates in both the top and bottom cabinets, and the brake allows me to sit safely while I stir the pot or slice vegetables.
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Conny’s story

More than a decade ago, Conny suffered a brain haemorrhage that left her paralysed. The electric lift and the wide wheels have given Conny much of her independence and sense of self-worth back. Rehabilitation and recovery after hemiplegia require activity, and she is now able to do that.

Around the House with a

VELA Chair

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Cooking Chair in the Kitchen: Complete Kitchen Tasks Comfortably and Efficiently

When it comes to completing tasks in the kitchen, having an assistive chair that’s versatile enough to adjust to your lifestyle will make a big difference throughout the day.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll rest easier knowing your VELA Chair will simplify your activities while sitting down or standing up.

Highlight: Kitchen Chair with Wheels

As a highly maneuverable kitchen chair with wheels for the elderly, the VELA Chair can easily be walked around your kitchen space from station to station – freeing up both hands so you can more efficiently prepare food or clean up. 

As an added benefit, VELA chairs are also designed to support a good sitting ergonomic posture. That’s a major plus when you’ve got hungry dinner guests arriving any moment and are experiencing neck, back, or leg discomfort.

Plus, bid your guests welcome at eye level with the stand-up feature!

Check How a VELA Chair Can Help You at Home

Reach High and Low Kitchen Surfaces at the Touch of a Button

As an adjustable height kitchen chair for seniors and the elderly, VELA chairs come standard with an electric raising and lowering feature. That means your VELA Chair can just as easily be used to access your dishwasher’s bottom rack, pantry’s middle shelf, or cabinet’s bottom drawers and upper shelves.

While reaching items on high and low kitchen surfaces, the chair’s sturdy, easy-to-use central brake also means you never have to compromise on safety.

Entertain Dinner Guests Once Again

Once you’ve equipped your home with a VELA Chair, inviting friends and family over for a freshly prepared meal and lively conversation will again be possible. Thanks to your new kitchen aid for seniors, you’ll be able to set the table and complete routine cooking tasks without ever having to worry about using too much energy.

And when you’re done preparing the food? Bring the chair with you to the dining room.

Clean Up Shouldn’t Hurt

Cleaning up after a meal might not be the most fun activity you can think of, but at least it shouldn’t hurt your body while doing it.

After the meal is over, safely load the dishwasher, store food in the fridge, and clean your stove and countertops while standing or remaining securely seated on your comfortable VELA Chair.

Because it’s designed with independent seniors like you in mind, your new VELA Chair could turn out to be the best kitchen assistant you’ve ever had!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What helps elderly get out of chair?

    Assisting an elderly individual out of a chair can be made easier using specially designed furniture such as the VELA Chair. This innovative product is specially crafted to support senior citizens in maintaining their independence and comfort. The VELA Chair includes features such as adjustable height and tilt, easy maneuverability, and secure braking system, all of which can greatly assist elderly individuals in standing up from the chair with minimal strain.

  • Why is my senior having trouble getting out of a chair?

    As seniors age, muscle strength and mobility may decrease, making it difficult for them to rise from a seated position. Conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, or neurological disorders can also contribute to this challenge. However, the VELA Chair can be a great solution to this issue. Its adjustable and ergonomic design is purpose-built to provide support and aid in movement, making it an excellent choice for seniors having trouble getting out of chairs.

  • Are lift chairs good for elderly?

    Yes, lift chairs are certainly beneficial for the elderly, particularly for those with mobility issues. But an even better solution could be the VELA Chair. It’s a versatile piece of furniture designed to promote mobility, independence, and comfort in seniors. Its unique design and functionalities such as adjustable height and secure braking make it a superior choice to traditional lift chairs, helping seniors to stand up easily and safely.

  • How do you make it easier to get out of a chair?

    There are several methods to make getting out of a chair easier. One could use aids such as standing poles, add cushioning to raise the seat height, or use power lift recliners. But the most effective solution could be investing in a chair designed with these concerns in mind, like the VELA Chair. It offers numerous adjustable features to customize to the user’s comfort and assist with the act of standing, thus making the process much easier and safer.

  • How can I make my kitchen senior-friendly?

    Creating a senior-friendly kitchen involves considering factors like accessibility, safety, and ease of use. An easy way to achieve this is by incorporating adaptable furniture such as the VELA Chair. With its adjustable height, secure braking system, and easy maneuverability, it allows seniors to move safely around the kitchen, sit at a comfortable height for meal preparation, and even partake in clean-up tasks with greater independence and comfort.

  • What do old people struggle with in the kitchen?

    Seniors may struggle with several aspects in the kitchen, such as reaching for items in high cupboards, standing for extended periods, and moving around safely due to limited mobility. The VELA Chair can help mitigate these challenges. Its adjustable and ergonomic design allows seniors to sit comfortably while cooking or cleaning. The chair’s maneuverability enables easy access to various parts of the kitchen, and its secure brakes ensure stability, thereby enhancing safety.

  • Why is cooking good for elderly?

    Cooking has many benefits for the elderly. It can help maintain their independence, improve motor skills, stimulate the senses, and provide a sense of accomplishment. It also encourages healthier eating habits. With the VELA Chair, cooking becomes even more accessible and enjoyable for seniors. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort while the adjustable features promote safety and ease of movement in the kitchen, enriching the cooking experience.

  • What height should kitchen countertops be for the elderly?

    The height of kitchen countertops for the elderly should ideally be at a level where they can work comfortably without having to excessively bend or stretch. The precise height can vary based on the individual’s size. The VELA Chair is perfect for this situation as its height is easily adjustable, ensuring that seniors can always sit at a comfortable level in relation to their countertops. This enhances safety and comfort while reducing strain during meal preparation.

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