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A Bathroom and Toilet Aid for Elderly Individuals

Most of us wake up in the morning and walk to the bathroom so we can brush our teeth, use the toilet, shower, and get dressed. Sadly, for many aging adults that routine is not so simple as they struggle to perform personal care tasks like dressing, grooming, and toileting.

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Suitable Bathroom Aids for Seniors

Are the effects of aging slowing you down? If so, you may want to consider a VELA chair as your aid in the bathroom.

In addition to making them feel less dignified, being unable to manage personal care needs can threaten a senior’s quality of life and independence. That’s where the VELA chair comes in.

As the ideal toilet aid and bathroom assistive device for the elderly, a senior chair from VELA supports independent lifestyles by making personal care tasks like using the toilet, brushing teeth, and applying makeup more manageable.

Maintain Your Self-Reliance in the Bathroom with a VELA Chair

Designed with ergonomics and function in mind, a VELA Chair provides many benefits that can significantly improve your daily life as a mobile chair for the elderly.

For starters, the VELA Chair is equipped with smooth-running wheels that allow you to easily “walk” or push yourself into the bathroom while remaining securely seated. Is your bathroom floor tiled? No problem. The chair’s wheels are large enough to roll over tiles without difficulty.

Regain Bathroom Privacy

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Use Your Mirror with Confidence

The VELA bathroom chair also has a stable brake that provides balance and security, allowing you to safely concentrate on your personal care routine. You can even tilt the seat forward and get closer to the mirror for shaving, brushing teeth, or applying makeup.

Simply engage the brake and raise or tilt the chair forward. The chair will then firmly support your body weight while freeing up your arms and upper body. As one of the most reliable elderly bathroom aids out there, the VELA Chair will make you feel safe and stable while performing various personal care tasks in the mirror.

Safely Transfer with a Toilet Aid for the Elderly

For those with poor balance or reduced strength in their legs, arms, and back, getting on and off the toilet can be challenging. Because it has armrests and a stable brake, the VELA Chair makes the transfer process safer and much easier.

Once the brake is set, you can raise and lower the chair at the touch of a button – allowing you to maintain your balance and feel safe while using the toilet or transferring to another surface using a chair lift for the elderly.

Bathroom Challenges for Aging Adults

As they age, the average person begins to experience issues that reduce strength in the arms, legs, and back, as well as their balance. Once those occur, age-related changes can make it difficult to use the bathroom and complete personal care tasks without help.

For some seniors, daily bathroom routine activities like getting to and from the toilet can be challenging. Standing up at the sink to brush their teeth, apply makeup, or shave can be nearly impossible for others.

Toilet Assistance for Elderly Individuals

Using a VELA Chair in your bathroom will make it easier and less stressful to move from chair to toilet. You can also use your chair to transfer back and forth from a shower seat. Being able to manage your own personal care needs means you won’t have to rely on loved ones or a professional caregiver to assist you.

In addition to making your bathroom routine much more manageable, a VELA Chair can help you overcome normal, everyday challenges when used elsewhere in the home.

Check How a VELA Chair Can Help You at Home

Bath Aids for Self-Reliant Seniors

As an essential part of any senior-friendly bathroom, you can easily walk your VELA Chair close to your shower chair or bathing bench. Once you’ve engaged the brake on your mobile chair for elderly, you’ll enjoy a safer and more manageable transfer experience. Please note that you must push the chair away before turning on the water.

Get Dressed with Peace of Mind

In addition to assisting with toileting and other personal care needs, a VELA Chair will also make getting dressed without worrying about falling to the side possible. Simply hold onto the sturdy armrest and lean to the side while putting on your shirts, pants, socks, or other clothing items.

Because getting dressed is not something you only do in the bathroom, the VELA Chair can safely be used in other areas of your home, including the bedroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I help my elderly person with toileting?

    Helping an elderly person with toileting can be done through various means. The VELA Chair is one excellent tool for this. Its easy maneuverability, adjustable height, and secure braking system allow the user to comfortably and safely move to and from the restroom. In addition, it offers privacy and dignity to the senior, fostering their sense of independence.

  • What could be used if a person is unable to walk to the toilet?

    In cases where a person is unable to walk to the toilet, assistive devices like commode chairs or wheelchairs can be used. However, the VELA Chair serves as a great solution as well. Its unique features such as easy maneuverability, adjustable height, and secure brakes make it possible to safely and comfortably transport the individual to and from the restroom, making the process less stressful and providing a sturdy base for transfer to and from the commode.

  • What is toilet assistance?

    Toilet assistance refers to the help provided to individuals who may have difficulties using the toilet independently due to physical limitations, illness, or aging. This could involve using assistive devices, making adjustments to the toilet area, or having a caregiver present. A useful tool for providing toilet assistance is the VELA Chair. Its design and features like easy maneuverability, adjustable height, and secure brakes make the process safer and more comfortable, preserving the individual’s dignity and independence.

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