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About VELA

Vermund Larsen A/S, also known as VELA, is a Danish family-owned business that first saw the light of day in 1935.

About VELA

Vermund Larsen: Pioneer of design, form and function

Vermund Larsen, a trained interior architect, founded the company on a vision. He wanted to be a pioneer in ergonomically correct chairs, and that is what he became.

He also had a passion for design, form and function, evident in his many designs. In addition, Vermund Larsen created beautiful furniture emphasizing comfort and ergonomics.

Same vision – no matter who uses the chair

Today, VELA still stands by this clear vision. We always focus on design, function, and high quality, regardless of whom the chair is for.

VELA is divided into two brands:


Chairs for those with lifestyle-limiting challenges

Chairs from our production in Denmark

VELA’s European headquarters is in Denmark, where you can find the production, upholstery workshop, product development, sales, and marketing. We also have subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, the UK, and the US – because we want to be close to our customers.

VELA chairs have been sold in the US since 2012, at first through the distributor Enable Me™, but in January 2023, Enable Me™ became a part of VELA with a US headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

In Tampa, we have customer service and logistics providing the whole US with a five-day delivery of VELA chairs. We produce the chairs in Denmark and stock them in Tampa.

We make chairs for all-day use

Our primary goal is to make chairs in use all day – every day, all year round. This means that quality, design and safety are fundamental parts of the chairs that leave our production and reach the user.

We use durable, quality materials for our chairs because a chair from VELA must be presentable and functional for many years. Learn more here.

About VELA

VELA’s values

As a family-owned company with almost 100 years of history, VELA has a deeply rooted culture characterized by the diversity we encounter in the people who use our chairs.

We act with care for our surroundings – whether these are people with disabilities who need a VELA chair or a changing world that requires us to think of green alternatives.

And we must remember the cornerstones that sustain this company – VELA’s values: Thoughtfulness, Trust in others, Diversity and Power of growth.

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