Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about our products, customization options, or where to purchase a VELA chair?

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us here.

Sales questions

  • Can I use a VELA chair on my carpet?

    Yes. You can use a VELA chair on most carpets. However, the chair won’t roll as smoothly as it does on hard surfaces. If your carpet has a thick pile, moving the chair around can be challenging.

  • Where are your chairs manufactured?

    All VELA chairs are crafted at our facility in Aalborg, Denmark. We construct the chairs from the ground up – from upholstering the seat and backrest to the tightening of the final screw by our expert assembly technicians. Your VELA chair represents Danish quality, tailored for you!

    Learn more about how we make our chairs here.

  • Can I have the brake mounted on the left side of the chair?

    Absolutely. While the brake comes on the right side by default, you can conveniently shift it to the left side without the need for any tools.

  • Can the chair fit through a doorway?

    Absolutely. Our chairs are usually no wider than 25.6 inches, and a standard doorway ranges between 27.6-35.4 inches.

  • Can I use the VELA chair on hard floors?

    Yes, the VELA chair comes with rubber wheels that glide smoothly and gently on hard surfaces.

  • Can I purchase a cover for the chair’s seat?

    Yes, we offer water-resistant covers for the chair seat. They are particularly useful if you experience incontinence or tend to spill frequently, like during meals.

Technical questions

  • Does the VELA chair need regular maintenance or inspections?

    We suggest consistent upkeep for your chair. Detailed information on general cleaning and maintenance can be found in the chair’s user manual.

  • Does the chair require daily charging?

    The frequency of charging depends on your usage of the chair’s electric features. Nonetheless, we advise charging the chair daily. Regular charging not only prolongs the battery’s lifespan but also guarantees sufficient power throughout the day.

  • Can I replace parts or components on my VELA chair by myself?

    We highly recommend not attempting to replace or repair parts of the chair on your own. Any modifications or repairs should only be done by a VELA-certified technician to ensure your safety. If you decide to alter or replace parts yourself, it may void both the warranty and the CE certification, potentially making the chair unsafe to use.