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Chairs for the Elderly and Seniors

While the average senior wants to be self-sufficient, functional limitations often make it more difficult for them to safely move around while inside their homes. Uniquely designed with seniors and the elderly in mind, our chairs empower those with mobility issues by helping them lead more active, independent, and productive lives.

Person sitting in a chair for elderly individuals

How the VELA Chair Helps Seniors and the Elderly:

Better Balance

Are balance issues and a fear of falling keeping you from doing more? The VELA Chair for elderly will restore your peace of mind by helping you perform normal, everyday activities, including cooking and light housework, without losing your balance. Move from your favorite chair to the sofa, or from the kitchen into your living room, with a renewed sense of confidence.

Safety and Security

Unlike bulkier moveable armchairs with wheels, you can easily walk or push around the VELA Chair while seated. Once you’ve set the easy access brake, our chair lets you use two hands to perform routine activities in a secure and stable fashion. Need to reach higher cabinets or shelves or speak to someone at eye level? The VELA Chair’s electric seat can quickly be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

Increased Independence

When you’re older, getting started on an activity is often half the battle. Safe, stable, and highly maneuverable, the VELA Chair makes it much easier to initiate activities like cooking, light cleaning, and laundry, while conserving your strength and energy. Because our fully functional chair with wheels supports you so well, it even makes getting dressed and accessing the shower or toilet more manageable.

Help for Standing up

Chronic medical conditions like arthritis, back pain, and COPD can make it difficult for aging adults to stand up. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, the VELA Chair’s built-in electric lift feature allows you to get up into a standing position without having to strain or use much energy.

Chairs for the Elderly and Seniors

Senior Chairs: Transfer Aids for Seniors with Mobility Issues

Falls are a significant issue in the elderly population, injuring scores of seniors each year. Many injuries happen if a person loses balance when standing up from a chair or bed.

One key advantage of using a VELA Chair as a stability aid is that it can reduce your risk for falling. The chair helps you to a standing position and safely transfers you to the next activity. Regain your independence in all your daily activities, including those you could no longer do.

See the VELA Independence Chair

Feel the Freedom of Walking

Once seated, you can easily “walk” your VELA Chair around with minimal effort. The adjustable seat can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button, allowing your feet to reach the floor.

Safely walk the VELA Chair around your home from room to room with peace of mind. Once you’re ready, safely transfer from your senior chair to a couch, bed, or armchair by locking the brake, using the armrests to support your weight, and sliding off the chair.

It really is that simple!

The Perfect Electric Chair for Elderly Individuals: Reach High and Low

If you’re searching for a mobility chair with arms that helps you stand up with minimal effort, you’ve come to the right place.

Perfect for seniors who are quickly drained of energy, The VELA Chair moves up and down at the press of a button – allowing you to reach items on the top shelf or at the bottom of the cabinet without straining or expending a lot of energy.

Cooking dinner for loved ones? The kitchen cooking chair ensures you are comfortably positioned while preparing meals, maintaining your stability and ease of movement. Because the chair keeps you safely and securely seated, along with the adjustable seat height, it’s much easier for seniors and the elderly to attain the perfect oven and countertop working height while freeing up both hands to prepare food.

Invite Dinner Guests with Confidence

Cooking dinner for loved ones? Because the chair keeps you safely and securely seated, along with the adjustable seat height, it’s much easier for seniors and the elderly to attain the perfect oven and countertop working height while freeing up both hands to prepare food.

And the best part? You’ll spare valuable energy for entertaining your guests and enjoying the company of loved ones.

A Senior Chair That Also Helps You Get up More Easily

In addition to helping you move around the house much better, the VELA Chair also provides extra support when you need to stand up while transferring to the bed, toilet, or couch. First, set the brake and rest both feet securely on the floor.

As a versatile lift chair, it ensures a smooth and gentle rise to assist you in standing up. Next, press the button located under the armrest and the chair will start to rise. Once you’ve attained your desired position, you can then safely and securely stand up and move to another surface without having to strain or exert much energy. This rolling chair for elderly assistance is designed to make everyday tasks easier. Among the many chairs for elderly assistance, the VELA Chair stands out for its functionality and ease of use.

VELA Chair for Elderly Individuals

Regain Your Independence with a

VELA Chair

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Living the Good Senior Life with Chairs for the Elderly


Regain Your Freedom to Prepare Dinner or Bake Bread

Soren is a long time VELA Chair user and he has perfected the act of getting around his kitchen with the VELA Chair.

Watch how Soren is able to bake bread rolls despite the fact that he can no longer walk around the kitchen without support.

Safely Reach High and Low Surfaces with Our Seamless Raising/Lowering Feature

Walking difficulties and tired legs can become much more common the older we get. When used as a mobility aid, the VELA Chair can provide you with much-needed relief and restore your peace of mind while helping you complete normal, everyday tasks.

Designed with seniors in mind, the chair has an electric lift that allows you to securely reach bottom drawers and top shelves at the touch of a button. Thanks to the easy to use central brake on our chair for elderly individuals, you will never have to compromise on safety while performing activities around your home.

Reliable Support When Your Legs Feel Weak

The stable brake keeps you securely seated even while adjusting the chair’s height. Simply lock the chair’s wheels and raise or lower the seat to the desired level. As a multi-functional mobility aid, the VELA Chair also provides reliable support while getting dressed, brushing your teeth, or cooking. This chair for elderly people ensures both stability, safety, and comfort.

Whether you are 65 or 105, a VELA Chair can give your legs a well-deserved break while you complete routine household chores using both hands. It is one of the best chairs for old age, designed to assist with various daily activities.

Person sitting at table in a chair for elderly individuals

Regain Your Independence and Dignity with a VELA Independence Chair

As a proud senior, accepting that we can longer do what we used to do can be difficult. This can be notably hard once you reach a point in life when you need daily assistance.

While we cannot keep our bodies from growing old, we can keep our minds sharp and dignity intact by using the right mobility aid to complete normal, everyday household tasks.

That’s where the VELA Chair comes in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the best chair for elderly with back problems?

    The VELA Chair is an excellent option for elderly individuals with back problems. Its ergonomic design supports the spine’s natural curvature, and its adjustable backrest and seat position can be tailored to individual needs, offering optimal comfort and relief from back pain.

  • What is good for elderly back pain?

    Physical therapy, maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, and the use of ergonomic furniture like the VELA Chair can all help manage back pain in the elderly. The chair’s adjustable features provide tailored support, relieving strain on the back and promoting better posture.

  • What kind of chair is best for spinal stenosis?

    A chair with good lumbar support and adjustable features, like the VELA Chair, is ideal for individuals with spinal stenosis. Its customizable settings allow users to find their optimal seating position, reducing pressure on the spine and increasing comfort.

  • How do you sit in a chair to relieve lower back pain?

    Sitting with proper support is key to relieving lower back pain. Adjust the seat to tilt slightly forwards and the backrest to support the curve of your back. Always make sure the position is comfortable for you. The VELA Chair has an adjustable backrest and seat position that can be set to encourage good posture, evenly distribute weight, and provide necessary support to the lower back. Armrests provide further stability and support when adjusting one’s posture while seated. Lock the wheels to create stability, so you can avoid unnecessary tensioning in your back.

  • Are recliner chairs good for elderly?

    While recliner chairs can provide comfort, they may not offer the best support for elderly individuals. Additionally, it can be hard to stand up from a recliner putting the elderly individual at risk of falling from dizziness. The VELA Chair, with its adjustable height, secure brakes, sit-to-stand aid and customizable support features, is a superior choice for promoting mobility and good posture, increasing independence and ensuring overall comfort.

  • What is the best office chair for back and pelvic pain?

    The VELA Chair is a standout choice for individuals experiencing back and pelvic pain. It offers comprehensive adjustable features, including backrest and seat position, allowing for a tailored seating solution that can alleviate discomfort in the back and pelvic regions.

  • What chairs are best for limited mobility?

    For individuals with limited mobility, the VELA Chair is a great option. Its design focuses on providing support, enhancing mobility, and promoting independence. Its adjustable height, secure brakes, and ergonomic design facilitate easier movement and transitions.

  • What is the best type of chair for a patient with physical disabilities or the elderly?

    The VELA Chair is a top pick for patients with physical disabilities or the elderly. Its adaptable features, including adjustable height and secure braking system, facilitate easier movement and provide necessary support. Plus, its battery-powered mobility feature allows for untethered use.

  • What is the best alternative to a wheelchair?

    For those looking for an alternative to a traditional wheelchair, the VELA Chair is a strong contender. It allows for increased mobility and independence, thanks to its adjustable features and secure design, while also promoting better posture and comfort. Thanks to its subtle design, the VELA Chair won’t stand out in the home like a wheelchair would.

  • Is there a chair that forces good posture?

    While “forcing” good posture isn’t ideal, the VELA Chair is designed to promote it naturally. Its ergonomic design supports the spine’s curvature, and its adjustable backrest can be set to encourage a healthier sitting posture.

  • What to do if an elderly person keeps falling?

    If an elderly person frequently falls, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare provider. Additionally, using supportive devices like the VELA Chair, which is recommended for fall prevention, can significantly reduce the risk of future falls in the home. Its design supports good balance, provides solid support, and offers secure braking, all contributing to safer mobility. If your parent keeps falling, it’s particularly important to approach the situation with sensitivity and care.

  • How long does it take for an elderly person to recover from a fall?

    Recovery time after a fall can vary depending on the severity of the injury and the individual’s overall health. During recovery, supportive devices like the VELA Chair can be instrumental. Its design promotes safe mobility and independence, facilitating a more comfortable and efficient recovery process. Additionally, its fall prevention features can be critical in preventing subsequent falls as individuals who already experienced a fall are more prone to fall again.

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