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Multi-Functional Walking Aids for Seniors

It’s common to see older adults using rollators or walkers to support their weight while moving around their homes.

While a rollator or walker can be useful for short trips, for instance, from the living room to kitchen, these conventional mobility aids can often leave you feeling tired when walking or standing for more than a few minutes at a time.

Senior using VELA Chair as awalking aid in the home.

The Benefits of Your New Companion

Benefits of using a VELA Chair to support your daily routine include:

Supports your Body

It safely supports your body as you “walk” yourself around in a sitting position.

High and Low with Equal Ease

Our electric lift feature lets you adjust the seat height up or down at the touch of a button, allowing you to reach high and low with equal ease.

Use Less Strength

You use less strength and energy than you would with a walker or rollator.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design hugs your body, ensuring optimal back and leg comfort all day long.

Both Hands Free

Remaining comfortably seated means you can use both hands while completing tasks without worrying about losing your balance

Secure and Sturdy

The handbrake securely locks the wheels, so you can stand up using the chair as a sturdy base or transfer safely to another surface.

Walking Aids for Seniors

Introducing the All-in-One VELA Chair

If low energy or tired legs are restricting your ability to get around, our chair could be a more versatile alternative to your rollator or walker – one that leaves you feeling refreshed all day long.

As high-quality elderly walking aids for seniors, our chairs provide all the benefits of a mobility walker and much, much more. With a VELA Chair, you can perform normal, everyday tasks – like cooking, cleaning, or grooming – without getting tired or relying on others for support.

See the VELA Independence Chair

Stay Active and Live Your Best Senior Life

Designed for today’s active seniors, our all-in-one seniors’ walking aids make accessing all areas of the home safer and less strenuous than they used to be.

While our chair may not totally replace your mobility walker or rollator, it can most assuredly help you do more activities you love – like socializing with loved ones over a freshly-prepared meal.

See the VELA Independence Chair

Scott Grant’s Detailed Review

VELA Independence Chair’s Innovative Design and Life-Changing Benefits

Scott Grant, the esteemed blogger behind “Graying with Grace,” has published an in-depth and glowing review of our VELA Independence Chair. In his analysis, Scott highlights the chair’s innovative design, exceptional ergonomic features, and its profound impact on enhancing daily living.

To understand why Scott Grant considers the VELA Independence Chair a transformative mobility aid, read the full review here and watch the detailed video review here.

Energy-Conserving Walking Aids for Seniors

Much like your retirement “nest egg”, spending your energy wisely allows you to do more things you enjoy.

For example, you can activate the brakes or safely move from one room to another. However, the electric lift function on a VELA Chair lets you safely expand your reach up or down while remaining comfortably seated thanks to its reliable back and leg support.

Versatile Walking Aids for Elderly Individuals

A VELA Chair has four, smooth-running wheels and an adjustable seat. This feature frees up both hands, allowing you to effortlessly transport smaller items – like two coffee cups – while entertaining houseguests. Simply “walk” the VELA Chair to your destination.

With a VELA Chair, after grocery shopping with your rollator, you can come home and sit comfortably instead of using a walker. Because it provides reliable walking support for elderly users, you can then use it as a kitchen chair for elderly to unpack your groceries and put them away while conserving precious energy.

Reach High and Low with Peace of Mind

Our chair is equipped with an electric lift, allowing you to seamlessly adjust the chair’s height to suit your activity and access items on upper or lower surfaces.

Once you’ve set the handbrake, simply move the seat height up or down at the touch of a button – all while sitting safely and comfortably in your VELA Chair. Cook on the stovetop’s back burners or empty bottom dishwasher drawers without losing your balance or depleting your energy.

As a stand up aid for elderly individuals, you can also use the adjustable height function to safely get up with a renewed sense of confidence and peace of mind.

A Senior Walking Aid for Any Room in the Home

Navigate Your Home with Enhanced Comfort

Unlike other elderly walking aids, a VELA Chair is ergonomically designed to provide all-day seating comfort and superior back support. These pain-relieving qualities simply cannot be duplicated by the average walker or rollator’s hard seat.

As an uber-comfortable and more versatile mobility alternative, our chair makes it possible for you to get around your home and do more throughout the day while conserving precious energy.

Safely Transfer Using Your VELA Chair

In addition to being highly mobile, getting in and out of a senior chair requires minimal effort and energy. Once you’ve set the handbrake, you’ll have a stable base that won’t roll away when it’s time to stand up, sit down, or transfer.

Simply use the sturdy armrests for added support and safety. In addition, you can adjust the height to ease transfer to another surface.

Your Favorite Companion from Getting Out of Bed until Nightfall

Picture this: After waking up in the morning, you transfer from the bed to the chair. While seated, you “walk” yourself to the bathroom, set the brake, and use the electric lift to transfer to the toilet.

Once you’ve finished your “business,” you hold onto the chair and move to the sink so you can brush your teeth. After sitting down again, you lower the chair’s height, roll down the hall, set the brake, and stand up so you can use your rollator.

Save Time and Energy for Doing Things You Enjoy

As fully-functional walking assistance aids for elderly adults, a VELA Chair supports you in so many ways.

Compared to conventional assistive devices, our ergonomic chairs provide energy relief and much-needed support while helping you efficiently manage daily chores. As a viable alternative to a rollator or walker, a VELA Chair allows you to conserve precious energy so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy – like crafts and hobbies.

Aging in Place Products

Ready to Reclaim Your Independence?

As much more than walking aids for elderly individuals, our chairs help aging adults be self-reliant so they can lead more active and fulfilling lives. Is it time to reclaim your independence?

Learn more about the amazing VELA Independence Chair here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why do elderly have trouble walking?

    Elderly individuals may experience difficulty walking due to a variety of factors such as muscle weakness, arthritis, balance issues, or neurological conditions. The VELA Chair can provide much-needed support in these cases, helping improve mobility in the home and reducing risk of falling related to poor balance.

  • What can I use instead of a walker for the elderly?

    The VELA Chair serves as an excellent alternative to a walker for the elderly. Its unique design, adjustable features, and secure braking system make it suitable for enhancing mobility, stability, and overall independence, while also offering a comfortable seat whenever needed.

  • When should a senior get a walker?

    A senior might need a walker if they are experiencing balance issues, frequent falls, or difficulty walking independently. However, the VELA Chair could be a versatile alternative, offering enhanced mobility, adjustable support, and improved safety due to its solid braking system. A VELA Chair increases the overall independence in the home.

  • What walking aid prevents falls?

    The VELA Chair is a highly recommended walking aid for preventing falls. Its secure design, wheels with secure locking mechanism, and adjustable features all contribute to enhanced stability and balance, significantly reducing the risk of falls.

  • What is the most supportive walking aid?

    While several walking aids offer support, the VELA Chair stands out for its exceptional adjustability, secure design, and mobility features. These characteristics make it a supportive tool for individuals experiencing mobility challenges.

  • What is the safest walker for elderly?

    The VELA Chair provides a safe alternative to traditional walkers. Its adjustable height and depth, secure brakes, and sturdy design offer a high level of stability and support, reducing the risk of falls and promoting safe mobility in the home.

  • What is the best walking aid for poor balance?

    Various walking aids are available to help individuals with poor balance, each with its unique features and benefits: Walking canes, walkers, rollators, mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Another and more versatile option is the VELA Chair: It combines the benefits of several traditional walking aids offering support and stability while walking, sit-to-stand aid for slow and secure stand-up motion. Its design promotes good posture, and its adjustable features, including seat height and depth, offer a personalized fit for the user. It looks like a traditional chair, but functions as a supportive walking and stand-up aid, offering an all-in-one solution for individuals struggling with balance.

  • How do you treat loss of balance in the elderly?

    Loss of balance in the elderly should be addressed by a healthcare professional. In addition to medical treatment, assistive devices like the VELA Chair can be beneficial. The chair’s design promotes proper posture, and its secure brakes provide stability, both of which can significantly improve balance.

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