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When the Elderly Need Assistance Getting out of Bed

As we age, mobility and balance issues can make routine daily tasks in the bedroom more challenging. For seniors or elderly individuals who need assistance getting out of bed or dressing and undressing, there are assistive devices that can help them regain their independence. As a prime example of a get out of bed aid, the VELA Chair helps aging adults remain self-reliant so they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Senior getting out of bed aided by the VELA Chair

Getting out of Bed Assistance with a VELA Chair

For one reason or another, many elderly individuals have difficulty getting out of bed by themselves. Are you one of them?

As a safe and reliable, get out of bed aid for seniors and the elderly, the VELA mobile chairs for seniors can help you regain your independence by supporting your morning and bedtime routines.

Help Getting out of Bed for the Elderly: A Reliable Get-up Aid for Bedroom Use

As a well-conceived piece of equipment to help get out of bed, the VELA Chair has several important features. For example, it has smooth-running wheels that allow you to “walk’ or push the chair to your bed while seated.

The chair also has a sturdy brake that ensures safety and stability when moving from bed to chair or vice versa. The chair’s sturdy armrests can be a great help and support when getting up from the chair or moving to or from it.

Unlike other devices to assist getting out of bed, the VELA Chair is easy to operate and control – even if you are an elderly individual too weak to get out of bed on your own. It is indeed a power lift chair for elderly.

If that weren’t enough, the chair also comes with an electric height adjustment feature that helps you get up!

Benefits of Our Dressing Aids for Seniors

Smooth-running wheels provide freedom of movement while sitting down.

Electric height adjustment conserves energy and reduces muscle strain while reaching all wardrobe shelves.

The stable brake frees up both hands for use.

Durable armrests provide stability and support.

Is Fatigue Disrupting Your Bedtime Routine?

Older adults often expend a lot of energy during the day doing normal, everyday activities and chores. For that reason, many experience low energy and fatigue right before it’s time to go to bed.

For seniors or elderly individuals who lack energy at bedtime, the VELA Chair can help conserve energy throughout the day, leaving enough for their regular bedtime routines.

The VELA Independence Chair

A Sturdy Brake for Maximum Stability 

The VELA chair’s brake greatly minimizes your risk of falling by providing reliable support and stability when leaning forward to put on or take off socks, shoes, and pants.

In addition to making dressing and undressing safer and more manageable, the brake simplifies the process of transferring from bed to chair and vice versa.

Raising the seat high will give you a safe and comfortable starting position so you can stand and pull up your favorite skirt, shorts, or pants. And finally, the chair’s strong armrests restore peace of mind by providing exceptional support. Making it a perfect stand up chair for elderly.

Around the House with a

VELA Chair

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Take Back Control of Your Dressing and Undressing Needs

The VELA Chair also allows for full control when dressing or undressing while in a seated position. The solid armrests provide support and stability, enabling elderly individuals to safely and securely lean to the sides without losing their balance while putting on or removing clothing items.

A VELA Chair Restores Self-Reliance by Helping Seniors Get in and out of Bed

In addition to providing physical support, a VELA Chair also restores self-reliance – a feeling that’s often greatly missed once you can no longer get into or out of bed on your own.

With a mobility chair for the bedroom, seniors or elderly individuals no longer have to rely on others for help when getting dressed or using the toilet at night. They can do it themselves, thus regaining their independence. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What to do when elderly can’t get out of bed?

    In cases where elderly individuals have difficulty getting out of bed, consider investing in supportive furniture like the VELA Chair. The chair’s adjustable features and ergonomic design make it easy to maneuver it close to the bed and assist with the transfer. The stability and security of the VELA Chair provide seniors with confidence and independence when transitioning from bed to chair.

  • Can a bedridden elderly person walk again?

    Depending on the person’s condition, a bedridden elderly person might regain some mobility with the help of physical therapy, assistive devices, and the right support system. In this journey, the VELA Chair can play a significant role. With its ergonomic design, it provides support for mobility exercises, enabling easier transitions from sitting to standing. This can significantly aid in the rehabilitation process and improve mobility.

  • What device helps someone get up from bed?

    Devices such as bed rails, bed assists, or transfer aids can help someone get up from bed. However, for a comprehensive solution, consider the VELA Chair. With its adjustable height and secure brakes, it can be positioned next to the bed to provide solid support for someone attempting to stand. The chair then offers a safe and comfortable seat from which the person can start their day.

  • What is a bed assist?

    A bed assist is a device designed to provide support for individuals who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. They usually come in the form of rails or handles that can be attached to the bed. The VELA Chair, however, provides a different approach to the same issue, serving both as a seating and a supportive device for getting up from bed. Its flexibility and multifunctional design make it an excellent assistive option.

  • What is a stand aid?

    A stand aid is a device designed to assist individuals with limited mobility to transition from sitting to standing. The VELA Chair functions effectively as a stand aid. Its adjustable seat height and tilt, coupled with a secure braking system, enable a person to use their own strength to stand up, boosting their confidence and independence.

  • How do wheelchair users get out of bed?

    For wheelchair users, getting out of bed often involves transfer devices or assistance from caregivers. An excellent tool to ease this process is the VELA Chair. It can be adjusted to the height of the bed and locked securely in place to aid in a safe and comfortable transfer. By providing a firm, stable surface, the VELA Chair helps wheelchair users transition from bed with greater ease and confidence than possible with a traditional wheelchair.

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