How Our Chairs Are Made

At VELA, we make chairs – a lot of chairs. All our high-quality chairs are carefully manufactured at our state-of-the-art European production facilities in Denmark. 

We stock variants of our chairs at our US headquarters in Tampa, Florida, to ensure prompt delivery anywhere in the US. 

Each VELA Chair is handcrafted from the highest-quality materials using this proven, multi-step process:

How Our Chairs Are Made


The comfortable and supportive seat and backrest are essential components of our chairs. Those seats and backrests are produced in our padding workshop by experienced chair padding specialists. Our skilled professionals meticulously assemble foam types and textiles in the desired color for your personal VELA Chair.


The remaining parts of your chair are collected from warehouse shelves by competent warehouse staff at our production facilities in Denmark. All parts sourced from subcontractors undergo a rigorous quality assurance process before being placed on warehouse shelves. Additionally, all subcontractors are continuously quality assured with respect to Factlines


Our experienced fitters assemble the chair parts while ensuring the finished product meets quality assurance standards for both finish and functionality.


Once a VELA Chair is assembled, it receives a unique ID number, guaranteeing that we always know precisely how and when your chair was made. This chair ID number can be helpful if you ever have questions or need service.


Once assembled, a robot collects the chair and transports it further along the assembly line. That allows our assembly fitter to focus on the next chair and their assembly duties.


Detailed photos of the finished product are taken, allowing our customer support team to know precisely how your chair looked when we shipped it to you.


Lastly, the chair is carefully packaged using FSC-certified packing materials and shipped to our US headquarters in Tampa, Florida – ensuring prompt delivery anywhere in the US.

Note: VELA is an ISO9001 and ISO14001-certified manufacturer in accordance with US quality assurance and Environmental Management System (EMS) guidelines. VELA maintains a transparent quality and environmental policy adhered to by all our employees, allowing us to focus on customer satisfaction. Our company is firmly committed to improving our products and processes based on quantifiable objectives that help us meet the requirements of our customers and regulatory authorities.

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