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A Heavy-Duty Office Chair that Adapts to Your Needs

Just because you’re heavier doesn’t mean you don’t deserve an office chair that adapts to you, and not the other way around. Uniquely designed for adults who weigh 285 to 660 lbs, our ergonomic office chairs are durably constructed out of quality materials to ensure all-day comfort and support.

At VELA, our best office chairs for heavy persons have many comfort-enhancing features, including a breathable wool/polyester cover and an electric height adjustment.

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Is It the Best Office Chair for Heavy People?

Does your office chair aggravate your back pain or put your feet to sleep? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

At VELA, we’ve spent years perfecting chairs that are built for larger individuals just like you. As a heavy person, our large-capacity office chair can safely and comfortably hold up to 660 lbs. A VELA Chair won’t wobble when you sit down, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident while remaining seated all day long. Our chair is often considered the best office chair for a heavy person, known for its comfort and stability.

Ergonomy and Comfort for Everyone

As one of the best office chairs for those with back pain and heavy weight, our ergonomic chair minimizes the likelihood of experiencing foot numbness or a sweaty back.

Designed for optimal comfort and support, the breathable fabric on our chair’s seat cushion and backrest wicks moisture away from your body. The seat cushion and rounded front edge conform to your legs and buttocks, relieving pressure on sensitive body points.

VELA Epic Chair

Ample Seating Space for Larger Adults

Unlike many conventional office chairs, you won’t have to squeeze into an office chair for heavy people from VELA. Because our seat adjusts to and hugs your body, you’ll get just the right amount of armrest support and sitting stability without feeling boxed in. Thanks to our extra-wide seat and robust electric lift, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you can sit in our chair for 8 or more hours per day without wearing it out.

Backed by a two-year warranty, the spacious-yet-compact heavy-duty desk chair from VELA could quickly become your favorite chair when used at home or in the workplace.


Karen’s story

This VELA chair has been an absolute gift from God for me.
It has made me able to use my home, which I couldn’t do before.
By having this chair, I can do a lot more for myself, and I can cut out half the support workers that I used before
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Enjoy All-Day Comfort and Convenience

Picture this: You are sitting at your home office desk in your VELA Chair and suddenly realize it’s time for lunch. The clock on your computer indicates you’ve been working pain-free for over 5 hours. You start to get up so you can prepare some food and then…

Stop dead in your tracks.

Because sitting in your new office chair for heavy persons feels so good, you haven’t even thought about the pain, pressure, or foot numbness you routinely experienced with those other office chairs – even while sitting down for only an hour or two.

A Versatile Office Chair that Goes Where You Go

In the past, sitting in one place for more than an hour may have seemed like an eternity. As an active heavy person, our office chair has wheels, allowing you to perform various tasks without ever having to get up. For example, with our sturdy chair you can use the heavy-duty chair in the dining room and easily grab a bite to eat at the kitchen table or in front of your computer while enjoying optimal comfort.

Because it’s so versatile, an office chair for heavy persons from VELA can also be used as a dining chair or relaxation chair for overweight adults while going anywhere you need to go.

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Why Choose Our Heavy-Duty Desk Chair?

At VELA, we take pride in the fact our heavy-duty desk chair has been put to the test while being used in various residential and office settings. 

With a 660-pound capacity, these features set our office chair apart from the rest:

Ergonomic seat cushion handcrafted from hard core foam and softer top foam

Sturdy metal cross frame with a reinforced support column and legs

Solid-yet-comfortable backrest supported by double steel rods

Adjustable (height and distance between) armrests with double steel rods

Four, smooth-running wheels that allow you to “walk” the chair around

Robust handbrake that keeps the chair from rolling away 

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Built Tough for All-Day Home or Office Use

Constructed upon a steel frame, every VELA Chair is reinforced in the column and legs.The backrest and armrests deliver superior strength and stability thanks to double steel rods. All these strength-enhancing features mean you’ll never have to get distracted by rattling plastic parts.

Our chair’s solid backrest keeps the center of gravity in the middle of the seat, squarely above the frame and column. Because our chair maintains the highest load capacity possible, you can sit firmly and securely for countless hours without having to worry whether it can hold your weight.

Chair Fabric is Much Stronger than the Average Couch

The soft parts on a VELA Chair, including the seat and backrest, are upholstered with strong, breathable wool fabric that’s laboratory tested to withstand at least 50,000 Martindales of resistance. In layman’s terms, the fabric was tested by a machine that performs quick circular movements on fabric areas. The number of circles the machine completes before the fabric rips represents the Martindale value.

By comparison, the average household couch is typically rated at a wear resistance value of 15,000 to 25,000 Martindales.

Multiple Layers for Ultimate Comfort

The seat on a VELA Chair is designed with two layers of foam, ensuring superior seating comfort and a long service life even with intensive use. Exceptionally load-bearing and relatively firm, the seat’s lower foam layer can easily withstand large capacities for an extended length of time. Although it is also highly load-bearing, the top foam layer is softer, ensuring a comfortable seating experience. 

An Office Chair that Adjusts to You

The seat on our office chair for heavy persons is ergonomically designed with a rounded front edge that increases blood flow to your legs and feet. That feature, along with the seat’s soft top foam, combine to eliminate leg or foot numbness that often occurs within hours while sitting in other office chairs. 

Sitting on a chair that is too narrow can also cause discomfort, as the chair presses against or chafes your body.

No More Slouching or Slipping

Using a chair that’s too wide often means giving up arm support, which can cause or worsen back and neck pain. With a VELA Chair, you can precisely adjust the armrest’s width so it fits your body perfectly. 

The chair also has an adjustable backrest, allowing you to make the seat depth larger or smaller. Attaining the right seat depth ensures you will sit securely while using the backrest for support, keeping you from slouching or slipping off the seat.

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Equip Your Home and Office with a VELA Chair

If you work in an office setting, you may sit at your desk for 8 or more hours per day. Add in the many hours each week you spend on your home computer and you’ve got a recipe for back pain and leg discomfort. As a heavier individual, taking better care of your body starts with having a stable-yet-comfortable office chair for back pain that can hold up to 660 lbs. 

That’s where our heavy-duty office chair comes in.

Find Your Office Chair for Heavy People

It’s hard to stay healthy and be productive as a heavier individual when your office chair won’t adapt to your specific needs. At VELA, our heavy duty office chair adjusts to accommodate your body and lifestyle, making it the perfect assistant for working adults who weigh from 285 to 660 lbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much weight can an ergonomic chair hold?

    While a standard ergonomic chair can support up to 250 pounds, the VELA Epic Chair can support up to 385 lbs and VELA Epic Plus up to 660 lbs, offering a comfortable and durable seating solution for anyone regardless of the size.

  • What is a bariatric office chair?

    A bariatric office chair like the VELA Epic Chair is designed to suit the needs of larger users, offering a comfortable and secure seating solution for up to 660 lbs user weight.

  • What widths do bariatric chairs come in?

    Bariatric chairs come in various widths. The VELA Epic Chair, for instance, has adjustable settings that allow it to accommodate users of different sizes comfortably.

  • What is the weight for bariatric equipment?

    While the weight for bariatric equipment can vary, the VELA Epic Chair is designed to accommodate users who weigh significantly more than average (up to 660 lbs), providing a comfortable and sturdy seating solution.

  • What chair can hold the most weight?

    While many chairs have high weight capacities, the VELA Epic Plus Chair with its 660 lbs weight limit is a standout option. It combines robust construction with comfort, making it a great choice for users of all sizes.

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