Regain Your Competitive Edge with Our Heavy-Duty Gaming Chair

Like everyone else, gaming enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. As an overweight gamer, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours at a time isn’t going to help you outthink or outmaneuver the competition. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, a heavy-duty computer chair from VELA can help you regain the upper hand by keeping you energized and focused.

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A Gaming Chair for Heavy Persons

As true heavy-duty gaming chairs, a VELA Chair is not your average, run-of-the-mill piece of office furniture. With a capacity of more than 500 lbs, our heavy-duty computer chair is uniquely engineered to support the online recreational activities of oversized adults. As you immerse yourself in a virtual world filled with adventure and strategy, our chair is designed to deliver the ultimate gaming experience, session after session.

At VELA, our heavy-duty gaming chairs have various game-changing features that optimize user comfort and convenience, whether it’s for a few hours during the day or all night long.

Is It the Best Heavy-Duty Computer Chair for You?

As an oversized gamer, you deserve a gaming chair that adapts to you and not the other way around. What follows are several advantages to using a VELA Chair as your gaming chair of choice:

Sturdy Construction

A heavy-duty chair from VELA is built to last, with a steel-reinforced frame and legs that can reliably support gamers weighing between 285 and 660 lbs.

Ergonomic Support

With multiple adjustable features, our chair is designed to hug your body and promote a proper posture, even while participating in unusually long gaming sessions.


As a multi-functional gaming chair for heavy persons, a VELA Chair is comfortable and durable enough to double as a heavy-duty desk chair, dining chair, or TV-viewing chair. Once you’ve set the sturdy handbrake, you can also use your VELA Chair to safely transfer to and from a couch, bed, or other chair. 

High Mobility

Outfitted with four, smooth-running wheels, our heavy-duty gaming chair allows you to glide effortlessly while navigating around your gaming room, work area, or other space.

Ease of Use

A VELA Chair is equipped with an intuitive electric lift you can deploy at the touch of a button to raise or lower the seat. The armrests also adjust, giving you the flexibility to widen your sitting zone once the gaming action heats up.

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A Chair So Stable that It Improves Concentration

Nothing will break your gaming focus quite like a wobbly, rattling chair. The wheel- locking system on a VELA Chair creates a stable base that minimizes distracting noises and movements, allowing you to give your undivided attention to the screen.

Our chair’s seat and backrests are upholstered with breathable, wear-resistant fabric that wicks irritating moisture away from your body. The material is also easy to clean, giving you one less thing to worry about if you happen to spill your favorite gaming foods or beverages.

Less Pain, More Gain

Do you suffer from weight-related back pain or breathing issues? A VELA Chair’s ergonomic design promotes a proper posture, lowering your risk for experiencing back pain and other forms of discomfort.

We understand that it’s more than just a game – it’s about living in the moment as you concentrate on the screen and strategize how to defeat your opponent.

The Name of the Game is Versatility

What sets a VELA Chair apart from your average heavy-duty computer chair is its versatility. As much more than a gaming chair for heavy persons, our chair can be used to seamlessly transition from the latest video games to normal, everyday activities – like cooking, cleaning, or eating.

Picture yourself doing office paperwork, attending virtual meetings, or watching TV with friends while sitting in your comfortable, supportive, and durable VELA Chair. With a VELA Chair, the possibilities truly are endless for gamers of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels.

Ready to Elevate Your Gaming Experience?

As an overweight gaming enthusiast, there’s no time like the present to regain your competitive edge with a heavy-duty gaming chair from VELA.

Backed by 50+ years of research and experience, a VELA Chair will allow you to kiss distractions and discomfort goodbye while enjoying the ultimate gaming experience.

Ready to Experience the VELA Chair Difference?

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