Heavy-Duty Dining Chairs: Elevate Your Life

Overweight individuals often suffer from limited mobility, leg pain, and low energy levels. When you’re overweight or obese, performing normal, everyday activities like cooking, eating, and washing dishes can be far from routine.

Designed with larger individuals in mind, a VELA Chair for heavy-duty dining will support your daily routine and improve your quality of life by making kitchen chores and mealtime activities much more manageable.

Woman food-prepping in the kitchen while seated in heavy-duty dining chair from VELA

A Heavy-Duty Dining Chairs Can Simplify Your Life

Being overweight can lower your quality of life. Our dining chairs for heavy people empower you in these ways:

Heavy-Duty Electric Lift

Avoid overexertion while reaching high and low to access items on cabinet shelves or while using kitchen appliances. Need to get up? Our electric lift makes your experience much more manageable.

Mobility Aid – Move around in a Seated Position

Because our heavy-duty dining chair has wheels, you can easily walk or push yourself around while seated. Conserving your strength will allow you to perform more chores and activities during the day.

Complete Tasks Safely and Securely

The chair’s reliable handbrake and sturdy armrests provide seating stability, allowing you to safely perform daily tasks like cooking, eating, washing dishes, or accessing the fridge.

Upright Sitting Posture Supports Healthy Breathing

Our heavy-duty dining chairs also help prevent slouching while seated, allowing you to breathe in more air. The chair can be adjusted so it fits your body perfectly.

Heavy-Duty Dining Chairs

Heavy-Duty Kitchen Chairs with Wheels: Save Time and Energy

As one of the best dining chairs for heavy people, a VELA Chair has four smooth-running wheels you can easily lock using a robust handbrake. There is also ample room between the wheels for feet to move, giving you better mobility by “walking” or pushing the chair around.

Obesity and pain can quickly deplete your energy while moving from kitchen to dining room and vice versa. A VELA heavy-duty kitchen chair makes that trip much more manageable, allowing you to spend energy on the task at hand rather than the transporting process.

Save Countless Steps

Our heavy-duty kitchen chairs on wheels save time and energy by helping you avoid having to get up, walk to another spot, and sit down for a few minutes to regroup and catch your breath.

If you experience leg pain while walking around your home, our bariatric mobility chair with wheels can save you countless steps throughout the day and give your legs much-needed rest.

Heavy-Duty Dining Room Chairs with Leg-Saving Electric Lift

You can also use the VELA Chair’s electric lift feature to attain the perfect working height while safely completing your mealtime chores. Easily reach upper pantry shelves, empty the dishwasher, or clear the dining room table without straining achy muscles or expending a lot of energy.

Conserving energy throughout the day will leave you feeling refreshed, so you can complete more chores on your “to-do” list or continue socializing with loved ones long after the meal is over.

When it’s time to get up from the dinner table, the electric lift provides stability and support so you can stand up without losing your balance. Simply lock the chair’s wheels, raise the seat, and let the heavy-duty dining chair support your back while you find a secure foothold.

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Breathe Easier with a Heavy-Duty Dining Chair

Being overweight or obese can keep your diaphragm from performing optimally. Once your breathing becomes labored, it can affect your health and well-being.

That’s why we designed the heavy-duty dining chair with lots of back and arm support. By supporting your body in an upright position, our chair helps ensure better breathing by giving your diaphragm the space it needs. And because painful muscles and joints can aggravate breathing issues, our chair helps promote a proper, relaxed posture while in a sitting position.

Uniquely Designed for Bigger People

Many larger individuals feel insecure when sitting in unfamiliar chairs. Can it hold my weight? Robust and reinforced for your protection, our heavy-duty dining room chairs hold up to 660 lbs., giving you one less thing to worry about!

Comfortably Move around While Seated

Ideal for most floor surfaces, the VELA Chair’s smooth-running wheels allow you to “walk” or push yourself around seated in the chair while seamlessly navigating your kitchen, using the chair as a heavy-duty kitchen chair. Prepare a meal, load the dishwasher, or set the table all by yourself with peace of mind.

Support When You Need It Most

Because our heavy-duty office chair is strong enough to support your weight, you don’t have to worry about the chair staying put while sitting down or getting up. When it’s time to stand up and do kitchen chores or greet your dinner guests, simply set the brake and use the sturdy armrests to push off.

Enjoy a More Active Lifestyle

Because it’s hard for overweight individuals to walk and stand very long, many waste precious hours every day by having to lie down and rest – which won’t help them lose weight or improve their breathing and energy levels.

The VELA Chair safely and comfortably supports you while in a sitting position, allowing you to save energy and stay more active by helping your lungs work more efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much weight does a kitchen chair hold?

    While typical kitchen chairs can hold up to 250 lbs., the VELA Epic Chair significantly surpasses this with its sturdy design and 660 lbs weight capacity, making it a secure and comfortable choice.

  • How strict are bar stool weight limits?

    Bar stool weight limits can vary. However, the VELA Epic Chair provides an excellent alternative with its 660 lbs weight limit, comfortable design and electric height adjustment for high top seating.

  • How much weight should a kitchen chair hold?

    While standard kitchen chairs can hold around 250 lbs., the VELA Epic Chair, with its superior construction, can support a much higher weight limit up to 660 lbs.

  • Can you be too heavy for a chair?

    While standard chairs have weight limits around 250 lbs, the VELA Epic Plus Chair with its 660 lbs weight limit is designed specifically to accommodate heavier persons comfortably and securely.

  • What are the weight limits for dining chairs?

    While many dining chairs have weight capacities around 250 lbs., the VELA Epic Chair can comfortably support weights up to 660 lbs, making it a robust and reliable choice for your dining room.

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