Lifestyle-Enhancing Mobility Chairs for Physically Challenged Adults

The ability to freely move about the home and perform daily activities is something most of us take for granted. However, for those with physical challenges resulting from an illness, accident, or disability, getting around the home can be an intimidating and labor-intensive process.

At VELA, we make high-quality mobility chairs for disabled adults and adults who otherwise have difficulty moving around – enabling them to lead more active, productive, and independent lives.

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A Multi-Functional Mobility and Activity Chair

Outfitted with four large wheels, a power lift, and a sturdy handbrake, our chairs not only improve mobility, but rather help users overcome daily challenges that are keeping them from being active and self-reliant.

Fully equipped with a wide range of functions, a mobility chair from VELA can make your life easier despite the fact you have a disability or illness that interferes with normal, everyday activities.

Why Use Our Mobile Chair Around Your Home?

There are no guarantees in life, including the ability to manage essential tasks around the home without needing some type of mobility assistance. When an accident, illness, or disability impacts you, a chair that promotes a higher degree of movement can be a vital aid for ensuring your continued health and well-being.

Once something has diminished our body’s ability to perform like it should, we may be forced to spend more time and energy on routine, everyday activities. Without help, those tasks can soon become nearly impossible to complete without relying on the assistance of others.

Regain Your Strength and Energy

No matter your disability, a mobility chair from VELA can compensate for most any physical limitations you might have, helping you efficiently manage routine, everyday chores. Although different disabilities affect people in different ways, most share one thing in common: fatigue.

With a mobility chair from VELA, you can take back control of your life once again – rejuvenating your independence and restoring your peace of mind.

Energy-Efficient Mobile Chairs for the Disabled

Because their disability tires them out, most disabled adults must conserve energy by sitting down instead of standing while preparing food, washing laundry, or performing light housework. 

A VELA Chair helps you conserve precious energy throughout the day by making normal, everyday tasks more manageable – allowing you to do more activities you enjoy.

A Stylish and Comfortable Mobility Chair

With its sleek lines and modern, stylish features, a VELA Chair doesn’t look or feel like a traditional mobility device. Our ergonomic, mobile chairs are designed to fit your body comfortably, providing reliable support in all the right places. Do you experience back or leg discomfort? Using an adjustable chair like ours means you can change your seating positions regularly, greatly minimizing discomfort and fatigue.

The backrest on our chair firmly-yet-gently supports your entire spine, keeping you in the proper posture while navigating your home or sitting at a desk or table. The four, smooth-running wheels make it possible to get from Point A to Point B with minimal effort.

Then there’s the easy-to-use handbrake. Once engaged, our sturdy brake locks the wheels, allowing you to safely stand up, sit down, or work on a tabletop without worrying about the chair rolling away. If you are prone to losing your balance, the brake can also be used to give yourself a stable base that supports your body while standing up. Much like a stand up chair for the elderly.

Regain your independence with a

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Glide Around Your Home with Minimal Effort

If moving around your home is a daily struggle, our mobility chair can help you be more self-reliant by supporting daily activities you can no longer do, such as cooking and cleaning. A VELA Chair can also assist with other routine tasks, for example, transitioning to and from a bed or couch.

Need to conserve energy? Thanks to its four wheels and ergonomic design, a mobile chair from VELA can help restore some of your energy by comfortably supporting your body and helping you effortlessly glide around the home when you need it most.

Wash and Get Ready with Ease

Picture yourself easily maneuvering around the kitchen or bathroom tiles in your VELA Chair.

Once in place, lock the wheels, lower the seat height, let your feet touch the ground, and then “walk” the chair to the sink. Well-thought-out mobility chairs, like ours at VELA, give you the freedom to do more things without relying on others.

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Reliable Support while Changing Clothes

Physical limitations often make it difficult to wear all your favorite wardrobe items. Tasks like getting dressed or undressed can seem overwhelming. You may even eventually reach a point where you need a caregiver to help you change clothes.

As a reliable mobility assistance, a VELA Chair helps you regain your self-reliance and independently manage your daily routine by supporting your dressing and undressing needs.

Reach New Heights

Simply lock the brake and use the height adjustment function to reach upper closet shelves. Then, lower the seat to support your body as you put on your favorite pair of pants, socks, or shoes.

Need to stand up? Raise the seat and use the sturdy armrests on our chair to safely rise up so you can finish dressing and get on with your busy day.

Need Mobility Assistance? Overcome Your Walking Difficulties with a VELA Chair

Even when you have difficulty walking due to an accident, illness, or disability, the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

At VELA, our high-quality mobility chairs come with several easy-to-use features, including an electric seat lift, four smooth-running wheels, ergonomic design, dual armrests, and sturdy handbrake. Why let mobility issues hold you back for another day? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why are mobility chairs so expensive?

    Mobility chairs, like the VELA Independence Chair, often come with a higher price tag due to the comprehensive research, development, and rigorous testing involved to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and longevity. Their advanced features, designed to enhance the user’s comfort, independence, and mobility, also contribute to the cost.

  • What does a good lift chair cost?

    The VELA Independence Chair costs from $3,795. The price for a good lift chair largely depends on the features, quality, and brand of the chair. The VELA Independence Chair is a premium mobility solution designed to ensure comfort and independence, which justifies its price.

  • What is the price of an adjustable wheelchair?

    The price of an adjustable wheelchair varies greatly depending on its features and brand. For instance, the VELA Independence Chair is worth the investment as it offers enhanced mobility, comfort, and adaptability, along with various customizable features.

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