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A Stand Up Chair for Elderly Adults that Supports Self-Reliance

As our bodies age, completing normal, everyday tasks can be anything but routine. Activities that once took minimal effort, such as standing upright from a sitting position or reaching items on upper shelves, can be frustrating and dangerous. For elderly loved ones who value their freedom and independence, these lifestyle limitations can be a real game-changer for the entire family.

Designed to keep aging adults self-reliant, a standing aid for elderly individuals safely promotes an active lifestyle by providing much-needed support and assistance.

Senior using a VELA stand up chair for elderly

Introducing the Revolutionary VELA Chair

While there are many different types of stand aids for elderly persons, some work better than others. As much more than a stand up chair for elderly adults, a VELA Chair is an all-in-one mobility chair for seniors, activity aid, and stand assist device.

With a touch of a button, the VELA Chair can gently, comfortably, and securely transition you from a sitting to standing position. However, its capabilities go well beyond that.

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Why Choose Our Standing Aid for Elderly Individuals?

Elderly standing aids provide seniors with many advantages. For starters, these products reduce their likelihood for falling – a significant issue in the elderly population. Stand aids for elderly also support independent lifestyles by enabling seniors to complete daily chores and activities without relying on caregivers. From getting out of bed in the morning to cooking dinner for your guests.

While conventional sit to stand aids are good for getting up, many are not designed to support one’s weight while standing for prolonged periods of time.

Reliable Standing Support for the Home

Once the handbrake is set on a VELA Chair, you can raise the seat at the touch of a button and use the armrests to stand up. While on your feet, the chair provides a sturdy base that you can lean on while reaching for items on countertops or tables.  

With a VELA Chair, you get multiple benefits in one product. In addition to heightening a user’s sense of dignity and independence, our chair’s innovative, mobility aid and height adjustment features allow the elderly to safely move around the home and reach surfaces high and low with renewed confidence. That’s what sets us apart from other elderly stand up chairs.

A Highly Versatile Sit to Stand Aid

With all the different support devices for the elderly out there, it’s essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses. What is the best standing aid product for your daily needs? Let’s explore your options in more detail:

Perch Stools and Chairs:

Although these products are useful for helping seniors sit down and rest for a while, they are not very comfortable nor do they promote a good sitting posture. As a result, older adults with back pain or breathing issues often have difficulty using a perch stool or chair for more than a few minutes. With its ergonomic design, a VELA Chair adjusts to your body, providing reliable support for extended lengths of time while supporting you in a proper breathing posture.

Stand Up Chairs:

These one-dimensional aids are equipped with lifts that raise the seat up so users can more easily attain a standing position. While they are safe and relatively comfortable, a stand up chair is stationary. Conversely, our chairs have wheels and are highly mobile, allowing users to safely “walk” around while seated without requiring assistance.


While these assistive devices do help seniors transfer and move around, they cannot safely be used to reach higher surfaces or lean on. As a mobility aid with an adjustable seat height feature, A VELA Chair creates a stable base that you can hold onto and use to reach for items on upper shelves once you’ve engaged the brake.

The VELA Chair has it all, as a versatile, all-encompassing solution that seamlessly integrates several functions into one, easy-to-use product. While supporting most of your daily activities, our innovative chair can be used as a stand up chair, standing aid, or stand assist device – making it a superior option for seniors who want to maintain their quality of life and independence. 

Time to stand up and reclaim your independence?

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Don’t Take Our Word for It: Here’s What Users Love Most About Their VELA Chairs

At VELA, our many satisfied customers can’t wait to tell others how our all-in-one standing aids have had a significant impact on improving their lives.

Take Back Control of Your Daily Routine

Don’t let the effects of aging slow you down for another day. Enjoy a renewed sense of freedom, independence, and dignity with an uber-safe, highly mobile, and always reliable elderly standing aid from VELA.

Time to take back control of your daily routine? Find your VELA Chair here and embark on a new journey to a safer, more independent lifestyle today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a stand assist aid?

    A stand assist aid is a device designed to help individuals transition from sitting to standing positions. The VELA Chair serves as an effective stand assist aid with its adjustable height settings, enabling users to safely and comfortably move from a sitting to a standing position.

  • What is a standing and raising aid?

    A standing and raising aid is a device that assists a person to move from a seated to a standing position, often used in healthcare and rehabilitation settings. The VELA Chair can function as such an aid due to its adjustable height settings and supportive design.

  • What is a sit to stand device?

    A sit-to-stand device assists individuals in transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position. The VELA Chair, with its adjustable height feature, works as an effective sit-to-stand device, offering support and promoting independence for users.

  • What can help an elderly person get up from a chair?

    Assistive devices like the VELA Chair can significantly help. It features adjustable height settings, which can be raised to assist with the transition from sitting to standing, providing a safe and supportive way to get up from the chair.

  • Why can’t I get up from a chair?

    Difficulty getting up from a chair can be due to several factors such as weakened muscles, balance issues, or health conditions like arthritis. The VELA Chair can assist with this, providing adjustable height and strong support to aid in the transition from sitting to standing.

  • How do you help an older person stand up?

    Assistive devices like the VELA Chair can be instrumental in helping older individuals stand up. The chair’s adjustable height allows it to be raised, helping the user transition from sitting to standing with greater ease and safety.

  • How do you help a weak person stand?

    For individuals who have weakness, using a device like the VELA Chair can significantly assist with standing. Its adjustable height settings and secure design provide necessary support and stability, easing the process of standing up.

  • How do you lift someone from sitting to standing?

    Assistive devices like the VELA Chair are designed for this purpose. The chair’s height can be adjusted to aid in the transition from sitting to standing, providing the necessary support and stability to safely lift the user.

  • How does a stand aid work?

    A stand aid, like the VELA Chair, works by providing adjustable height settings and secure support. These features aid the user in moving from a seated to a standing position more easily and safely, enhancing their mobility and independence.

  • Do you put the brakes on when using a stand aid?

    Yes, you should engage the brakes when using a stand aid for safety purposes. The VELA Chair features secure brakes that provide added stability during the process of standing up, ensuring the chair stays in place for a safer transition.

  • Can you use a stand aid on your own?

    Many stand aids, including the VELA Chair, are designed for independent use. The VELA Chair’s adjustable settings and secure design allow users to safely move from sitting to standing on their own, promoting greater independence. However, it’s always advisable to have initial supervision to ensure proper and safe usage of the device.

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