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Sit-to-Stand Lifts: Live Life to the Fullest with a VELA Chair

It takes most people minimal effort to sit down or get up. But when you are older, disabled, or have mobility issues, transitioning from a sitting to standing position can be a daunting task.

Our revolutionary chairs are equipped with built-in, sit-to-stand lifts that empower users by helping them maintain their dignity and self-reliance.

Person using sit-to-stand lift to stand up independently.

Take Back Control of Your Daily Routine with a Sit-to-Stand Aid

When envisioning conventional sit-to-stand aids, they are often bulky, cumbersome devices that are not useful for anything else. As a more versatile alternative, a VELA Chair’s sit-to-stand lift function can be used throughout your home, including the kitchen, dining room, and bedroom.

With our chair, you’ll always have reliable support when transitioning from a seated to standing position. Ergonomically designed to deliver all-day comfort, a VELA Chair is much more than a mobility chair.

Get Around Safely

As a highly mobile sit-to-stand assist device, our chair’s smooth-running wheels and sturdy brake allow you to safely and efficiently get around while performing routine chores and activities.

With a VELA Chair, you’ll get the reliable sit-to-stand assistance you need with fewer restrictions, leading to a higher quality of life.

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How Our Lift Chairs Simplify Daily Life

As a dependable sit-to-stand aid, our chair makes it possible to perform daily tasks by yourself. When used in the home, a VELA Chair can assist you with:

  • Safely sitting down and standing up.
  • Navigating around your living space while seated.
  • Ergonomic support that improves comfort and posture.

While these activities may seem routine for the average person, they can be frustrating and difficult for those with limited mobility due to aging, a disability, or a medical condition.

VELA Chairs were created to minimize these challenges while promoting a heightened sense of independence, allowing you to conserve energy for hobbies and social activities.

Regain your independence with a

VELA chair

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A Safe and Mobile Stand Assist Device

As an easy-to-operate sit-to-stand lift, you can adjust the chair’s seat height at the touch of a button. When paired with the VELA Chair’s four, smooth-running wheels, this adjustability feature elevates your mobility capabilities to a whole new level.

Designed with your safety in mind, our chair has ample room for feet without having to worry about the wheels blocking your movement. Once you’ve lowered the seat and released the brake, you can easily “walk” or push the chair from room to room while sitting down.

Attain New Heights with a VELA Chair

At VELA, helping you move from Point A to B safely and freely summarizes what our sit-to-stand lift chairs are all about.

And in addition to helping you reach lower surfaces, our chair’s sit-to-stand lift feature can help you safely access items on upper cabinet or closet shelves without straining or losing your balance, when you use the chair as a stand up chair.

Fight the Dizziness

Do you suddenly get dizzy when standing up too fast? Simply set the sturdy brake before transitioning from a sitting to standing position. The seat will then provide support as you slowly place your feet on the floor and stand up, avoiding any sudden movements that could cause dizziness.

Using the VELA Chair as a sit-to-stand aid allows you to reach objects high and low either seated or standing up.

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Independent Living Reimagined

Our sit-to-stand lift chairs also functions as a kitchen chair with wheels which simplifies household chores like cooking, cleaning, and personal care. As your gateway to a higher quality of life, a VELA Chair is much more than a sit-to stand-lift. Being able to complete daily tasks by yourself promotes a heightened sense of freedom and self-reliance.

At VELA, we believe that an independent lifestyle is a fundamental right. Our mobility chairs with sit-to-stand lift are a testament to bringing that right to every household.

Enjoy Safety, Comfort and Convenience

Once it’s in your home, you’ll enjoy a new level of safety, comfort, and convenience with a VELA Chair.

We invite you to discover for yourself how a VELA Chair with a high-quality sit and stand lift can transform your everyday routine while supporting your independent lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the benefits of sit-to-stand?

    The benefits of sit-to-stand exercises are many. They strengthen the lower body, improve mobility, and promote independence. The VELA Independence Chair enhances these benefits, providing an easy transition from sitting to standing, promoting physical activity, and maintaining user independence.

  • Does sit-to-stand improve balance?

    Yes, sit-to-stand exercises improve balance by strengthening leg, core, and back muscles. The VELA Independence Chair adds to this by offering a safe and comfortable transition from sitting to standing, thus encouraging regular exercise and better balance.

  • What is a sit-to-stand chair?

    A sit-to-stand chair, like the VELA Independence Chair, allows users to easily transition between sitting and standing positions. It offers some support while standing, creating a blend between being fully seated and standing, thereby promoting better posture and physical activity.

  • What are the principles of sit-to-stand?

    Sit to stand principles involve using a combination of internal and external forces to transition from sitting to standing. The VELA Independence Chair incorporates these principles, using advanced design and technology to make the sit-to-stand transition seamless, comfortable, and safe for users of all age.

  • What is a sit-to-stand called?

    Sit to Stand devices are often referred to as “Sit-Stand Lifts” or “Stand Assist” devices. They help users transition safely between sitting and standing positions. The VELA Independence Chair is one such solution that facilitates this movement, enhancing mobility and safety.

  • What is the weight limit for a sit-to-stand?

    There isn’t a specific weight limit for sit-to-stand trainers. It generally depends on the design and strength of the specific chair. The VELA Independence Chair, for example, is designed to safely accommodate users up to 660 lbs.

  • What chair is best for posture?

    The VELA Independence Chair is excellent for maintaining good posture. Its lumbar support encourages users to sit up straight, which can help prevent discomforts associated with poor posture. It evenly distributes body weight across the chair, reducing pressure on the spine.

We Speak by Experience

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