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An Office Chair with Locking Wheels Can Optimize Your Productivity

Wherever you choose to work, our office chair with locking wheels delivers optimal comfort, support, and mobility when needed most. Designed to optimize the productivity of aging and disabled adults, our mission at VELA is creating innovative solutions that enhance everyday life in homes and workplaces.

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Why We Designed Our Office Chair with Brakes

At VELA, our office chair has locking wheels that are easy to lock and unlock with a handbrake. This feature allows people of all ages and ability levels to enjoy enhanced freedom, safety, and comfort when moving about the home or workplace. As a working professional, a senior needing more support, or an individual with a disability, our office chair with locking wheels can help you streamline your daily tasks, chores, and activities.

Backed by research and experience, our office chairs with locking wheels are designed to provide the best conditions possible for any seated activity.

Should You Invest in an Office Chair with Brakes?

Benefits of using our desk chair with locking brakes include:

Wheels that lock and unlock with a handbrake

Sturdy armrests provide support and stability

Ergonomic design for comfort and support

Task-friendly seated height adjustment

Greater mobility at home or the workplace

Facing Challenges with Standing Up?

Are you or a loved one finding it difficult to stand up independently? Are you tired of struggling and bothering others when you need to stand up? Do you even feel unsafe?

Discover the remarkable difference the VELA Chair can make in your life. With a simple, gentle press, this innovative chair provides a smooth and secure lift, reigniting the joy and freedom of self-reliance.

Witness firsthand the ease and confidence each rise brings.

VELA Independence Chair

Why Use Our Office Chair with Locking Wheels?

Locking office chair wheels

Our easy to use handbrake lets you lock and unlock the wheels in seconds, quickly transforming your electric lift chair into a safe and secure base. 

Enhanced mobility

Notably beneficial for those with balance issues or limited mobility, our office chair with brakes delivers precision stability and control so you can move about freely with peace of mind. 

Adjustable seat height

Thanks to its built-in seat height adjustment function, our chair minimizes back strain and breathing issues by promoting a proper sitting posture. As a result, you’ll enjoy a more relaxing seated experience all day long. 

Supportive armrests

Supportive armrests: The armrests on a VELA Chair provide reliable stability and comfort even while sitting for prolonged periods. Once you’ve set the brake, they provide assistance as you gently transition from chair to other surfaces – supporting ease of movement and a heightened sense of independence. 

Comfort and support

Comfort and support: Ergonomically designed using top-quality materials, our office chair with locking wheels offers adjustable whole-body support, greatly reducing fatigue while enhancing overall user comfort. 

An Activity-Supporting Office Chair with Locking Wheels

At VELA, our office chairs for seniors and disabled adults have four, smooth-running wheels that allow users to “walk” or push the chair around while seated. This feature can be a welcomed relief for anyone with leg weakness, low energy, or back discomfort.

When not in motion, simply set the sturdy handbrake and resume your activities.

By enhancing your movement, our chair allows you to perform most daily activities yourself, which can also significantly boost self-awareness and self-esteem.

Attain New Heights with Our Wheel Lock Office Chair

Once the wheels are locked, our chair’s easy-to-use height adjustment feature is ideal for those with balance issues who get anxious when leaning forward or reaching for items. At the touch of a button, you can adjust the seat height with precision accuracy as you safely reach higher surfaces with renewed confidence.

Gently raise or lower the seat height for tasks like paying household bills, working on that big job presentation, or meeting with clients in the office.

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Dual Armrests for Optimal Comfort and Support

Equipped with dual armrests, a hand brake, and wheels, our office chair is designed with your comfort and mobility in mind.

While acting as a safety boundary, the durable-yet-comfortable armrests on a VELA Chair offer reliable security and support when transitioning back and forth from the chair to another chair or a couch.

Energy-Saving Office Chairs with Locking Wheels

Using a mobile office chair designed for aging or disabled adults with functional limitations can be a real game changer when you want to conserve energy while completing normal, everyday activities.

Do you feel exhausted by noon every day after wasting so much energy simply getting around your workplace or home office to manage essential tasks?

Give Yourself an Advantage

If you ever felt completely exhausted at the end of the day, our office chair with brakes and wheels can give you a decided advantage while performing your daily routine, restoring your dignity and self-reliance.

Rather than feeling physically drained at day’s end, a mobility chair lets you strategically “budget” your energy all day long. Practicing better energy management will leave more energy for activities you enjoy – like dinner with loved ones – greatly improving your quality of life and independence.

Would You Like to Increase Your Productivity?

Whether it’s used in a workplace or home setting, our office chair with locking wheels could hold the key to a safer, more mobile, and productive you. What are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are there office chairs with brakes?

    Yes, office chairs with brakes do exist, and they provide extra safety and stability. The VELA Independence Chair is an excellent example of an office chair with brakes and an electric lift. It allows you to plan your day better, saving energy for work and leisure activities without compromising mobility or comfort.

  • How can I sit in an office chair without back pain?

    Correct posture and ergonomically designed chairs can help alleviate back pain. The VELA Independence Chair, designed with back pain relief in mind, encourages you to sit as close as possible to your desk with your upper arms parallel to your spine and your hands at a 90-degree angle. Its design ensures your legs are positioned at 90 degrees above your ankles, minimizing stress on your back.

  • Why do office chairs need wheels?

    Office chairs need wheels to improve mobility and ease of work. With wheels, you can easily rotate or move towards necessary equipment without leaving your chair. The VELA Independence Chair, with its sturdy wheels, provides excellent stability and mobility, allowing you to work more efficiently.

  • Is it better to have a desk chair with or without wheels?

    Having a desk chair with wheels offers better mobility in the workplace. However one without wheels offers more stability which can be an advantage for individuals suffering from e.g. back pain. With the VELA Independence Chair, equipped with durable wheels and a sturdy brake, you get the best of both.

  • How do you lock the wheels on an office chair?

    Locking wheels on an office chair usually involves a simple mechanism located on the wheel or caster itself. With the VELA Independence Chair, the long brake handle is located on the side of the chair.

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