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Live Better with a Lift Chair from VELA

Most adults can effortlessly reach upper cabinet or closet shelves without worrying about falling. For those with a disability, poor balance, or leg weakness, reaching items on higher surfaces can be challenging and dangerous. At VELA, our lift chairs empower those with limited mobility by helping them enjoy a higher quality of life.

User-friendly and versatile, our electric lift chair allows you to efficiently move around even when you are elderly or have physical limitations that affect balance, strength, or coordination. 

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A State-of-the-Art Lifting Chair that Supports Your Daily Routine

Once you’ve tried our lift chair, physical challenges that disrupt your daily routine will be a thing of the past.

At VELA, we’ve designed our chair to simplify normal, everyday tasks by allowing you to move around freely while doing household chores or fun activities.

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Clever Lift Function

With its built-in electronic height adjustment feature and sturdy brake, our chair with lift safely supports your body until you achieve a stable standing position. At the press of a button, our ergonomic electric lifting chair will rise slowly as you lean on the armrests, minimizing the likelihood for posture-related issues like dizziness, falling, or back pain.

As an added benefit, the VELA Chair’s easy-to-use lift function lets you reach high and low surfaces while seated.

An Electric Lift Chair that Adapts to Your Needs

In addition to providing assistance when standing up, our electric lifting chair has leading- edge technology that “raises the bar” when it comes to your comfort and convenience. With its ergonomic design and advanced features, a VELA Chair can be used throughout your home while adapting to your daily needs.

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Enjoy Endless Mobility

Many seniors and disabled adults still experience pain while sitting in a mobility chair. Unlike similar mobility chairs with wheels and armrests, the built-in lift function on a VELA Chair minimizes the effort required to use the chair.

Once you’ve engaged the handbrake, our chair’s electric height adjustment comfortably supports your body, while the sturdy armrests help you maintain your balance. Those features allow you to conserve energy and strength while seated, even when rising up.

Enhanced Freedom Throughout Your Home

Our electric lifting chair comes with four, smooth-running wheels and plenty of foot room, making it highly mobile when used in most any space in your home, including the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom. Once you’ve released the brake and lowered the seat, you can comfortably remain seated while “walking” your VELA Chair from Point A to Point B.

Ideal for most floor surfaces, the wheels stay out of your way while minimizing your risk for falling. The chair’s large wheels also make it easy to move from room to room while navigating through doorways and around your home as you go about your daily routine and enjoy a newfound sense of freedom and independence.

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VELA chair

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A Mobile Chair Lift that Won’t Roll Away

Stability is essential for those with balance and coordination issues. You can adjust the seat height on a VELA Chair based on your specific task, whether it’s unloading a lower dishwasher drawer or accessing items on an upper closet shelf, without worrying about losing your balance. Simply set the sturdy handbrake before starting your activity to keep the chair from rolling away.

Enjoy the Ultimate Seating Experience with an Electric Chair Lift Recliner

Because our power lift chair for some elderly and disabled adults also doubles as a recliner, we’ve designed it to be ergonomic and comfortable. The electric lift feature lets you adjust the chair to the ideal position for sitting or smoothly transitioning from one activity to another throughout the day. Whether you prefer to do chores, socialize with loved ones, or just relax and watch TV, our chair’s electric lift and reclining features ensure maximum comfort and individualized support.

With one of the electric recliner lift chairs from VELA, you’ll be able to minimize pain and strain as you effortlessly attain the perfect height for every daily activity. Using this function will allow you to customize your seating experience and achieve a superior level of comfort as you seamlessly complete your daily routine.

How Our Electric Lift Chair Benefits You

Enjoy peace of mind as the VELA Chair’s electric lift gently helps you rise to your feet. As our ergonomic chair securely supports your body, you’ll feel a heightened sense of stability, strength, and freedom – even while using both hands.

Because our electric lift recliner chair combines three features in one, you’ll be able to live independently and manage routine tasks all by yourself. A VELA Chair empowers you in the following ways:

Providing rising and sitting assistance

Promoting fluid movement while seated

Ergonomically supporting a comfortable and proper posture

Adults with physical limitations are all too familiar with the daily challenges they face. That’s where the VELA Chair comes in. The raising function on our electric lift recliner chair greatly minimizes those challenges, relieving stress on the body and conserving energy that can be used on pleasurable activities. 

Independent Living

Cast Your Worries Aside with a VELA Chair

Thanks to the electric lift function on your VELA Chair, you’ll experience a newfound sense of comfort, freedom, and independence as you kiss limitations goodbye around the home. Use our mobility and transitioning aid to embark on an amazing journey as you discover a more fulfilling and self-reliant life filled with endless possibilities.

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VELA Independence Chair

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who needs a power lift chair?

    Individuals suffering from conditions like chronic back pain, arthritis, or circulation problems can greatly benefit from a power lift chair, such as the VELA Independence Chair. Its advanced features help alleviate strain while sitting, standing, or moving, enhancing comfort and independence.

  • What is the difference between a power recliner and a lift chair?

    The main difference is that a lift chair, like the VELA Apex Chair, has a powerful lifting system that tilts the chair to help the user stand up. While a power recliner adjusts the position of the backrest and footrest, a lift chair adds the extra functionality of aiding the user in standing.

  • Are lift chairs good for elderly?

    Absolutely. Lift chairs, like the VELA Independence Chair, are excellent for older individuals with mobility issues. They help users safely rise to a standing position, and can be particularly beneficial for people with severe arthritis or those who desire to maintain their independence.

  • Are lift chairs worth the money?

    For individuals finding it increasingly difficult to sit or stand from their sofa, lift chairs like the VELA Independence Chair are definitely worth the investment. They can significantly enhance mobility, comfort, and independence, making daily activities less challenging and more enjoyable.

  • What is the difference between a lift chair and a power recliner?

    While a power recliner adjusts the backrest and footrest for comfort, a lift chair like the VELA Independence Chair adds an extra layer of functionality. Its battery driven motor helps lift the chair from a seated to a standing position, aiding users in standing up with minimal effort.

  • What to look for when buying a power lift chair?

    When buying a power lift chair, consider the chair’s type, fit, material, therapeutic features, and mobility features. The VELA Independence Chair, for example, offers a comfortable, adjustable fit, durable material, and advanced features that promote therapeutic benefits and enhance mobility.

  • What is the best lift chair for tall people?

    The best lift chair for tall users will depend on individual needs and preferences. The VELA Independence Chair, for instance, offers adjustable features that cater to a range of user heights, ensuring maximum comfort and support for tall users.

  • How much weight can a lift chair lift?

    Lift chairs are built to support varying weight capacities, with typical ranges being 325 lbs, 375 lbs., 500 lbs., or even greater. The VELA Independence Chair is a reliable lift chair with a robust mechanism designed to comfortably lift and support users up to 660 lbs. Its durable build ensures long-term reliability and comfort for users.

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