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Dining Room Chairs with Wheels

For most people, the dining room is a gathering place to socialize with friends and family while enjoying a freshly-prepared meal. However, for those with health issues and eating challenges, the dining room can be an intimidating, seldom-used space that makes mealtime more stressful.

Person enjoying dinner time in a comfortable dining room chair with wheels.

Improve Your Dining Experience with a VELA Chair

The average person doesn’t worry about how to sit at the dining room table because it’s easy for them to settle into a comfortable eating position and effortlessly enjoy their meal. Most diners also don’t have to concern themselves with posture-related eating conditions like dysphagia or aspiration like many patients with Parkinson’s or ALS, or how to get to and from the dinner table. 

Sadly, far too many adults deal with these issues at mealtime.

The Right Chair Makes the Difference

At VELA, we value the importance of regaining one’s self-reliance while enjoying a relaxing meal with others. That’s why we’ve designed our dining room chairs and kitchen chairs with wheels for elderly individuals, equipped with casters to support dining room activities for those with functional limitations, allowing them to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Dining Chairs on Wheels: Mobility and Safe Transfer

The ability to cook, set the table, and move from point A to B without assistance are all essential parts of an independent lifestyle. If you live with muscle weakness, poor balance, or low energy, a dining room aid – like the VELA Chair – can help you regain your independence. 

At VELA, our ergonomic dining chairs with rollers help promote a proper sitting posture, enabling you to join your dinner guests at the table and maintain a higher quality of life.

Casters Provide Mobility and Flexibility

Our wheeled dining room chairs are also very comfortable, which means you can continue socializing with loved ones over dessert and coffee. 

With a VELA dining chair with wheels, you can safely “walk” or push yourself around in a sitting position, for example, from the dining room table to the bathroom. Our chair also has a electric lift function and reliable handbrake, which means you can eat at the table with peace of mind in any dining situation.

Do Mealtime Chores Yourself

Equipped with four, smooth-running wheels, our dining room chairs on casters also feature a sturdy brake that keeps you firmly in place once you’ve arrived at the dinner table. These well-conceived features allow you to move around freely while seated, even while carrying items in your hands or lap. 

Each VELA Chair also comes with an electric height adjustment function, so you can reach food or tableware items on low or high cabinet shelves with minimal effort. Our dining room table chairs with wheels can securely support many other mealtime chores, like setting or clearing the table, loading the dishwasher, or storing leftovers in the fridge.

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Do You Have Dysphagia or Aspiration?

If you have trouble swallowing or issues with food going down the wrong way, a VELA Chair can also help. As a dining aid for adults of all ages, our mobility chair helps reduce your risk for dysphagia and aspiration. 

No matter how you choose to sit, simply adjust your VELA dining chair with wheels to promote a proper, slouch-free posture that allows you to enjoy your meal with new-found confidence. 

Achieving an upright sitting position that keeps you from slouching over your plate will help you avoid many of the posture-related factors that induce aspiration or breathing issues.

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VELA Chair

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Eat and Breathe Simultaneously

Our chair can also help you sit correctly while eating if you have Parkinson’s, ALS, or another condition that keeps your body from doing what you want it to do. By supporting your upper body in an upright position, the VELA Chair stabilizes your diaphragm – improving your posture so you can eat and breathe at the same time. 

Being able to eat and breathe simultaneously will allow you to take part in the dinner conversation and socialize with guests with dignity and self-assurance.

Our Dining Chair Keeps You Stable and Secure

Reduced leg strength and poor balance often make it harder to reach faraway items on the dining room table. All VELA dining room chairs with wheels also have a sturdy brake that makes them stable and secure while supporting adults of all ages. 

In addition to the easy-to-use handbrake, our chair’s strong armrests give you support whenever and wherever it’s needed. Once you’ve finished eating, feel free to sit back and recline in your VELA Chair while continuing the conversation – an essential aspect when dining with friends and family.

Set Healthy Boundaries While Dining

As one of the best chairs on casters for dining table use, a VELA Chair is uniquely designed to meet most of your routine, everyday cooking, eating, and mealtime needs. 

In addition to being comfortable and mobile, a VELA Chair helps you achieve the proper sitting position at the dinner table – setting the tone for a safer, more enjoyable, and relaxing mealtime experience. 

And because healthy boundaries are important for any quality meal, our chair’s armrests create an enclosed space that is highly beneficial for those who feel anxious while seated at the dining room table.

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