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Mobility Aids Fibromyalgia Patients Can Use for Most Activities

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body, as well as fatigue and reduced muscle strength. Due to how it affects their bodies, patients with the disorder often have difficulty getting through the day while participating in normal, everyday activities. For those living with fibromyalgia, aids often become necessary to move around and manage daily routines at home or work.

Adult using aid for fibromyalgia in daily routines

VELA Chairs: Adaptable Fibromyalgia Walking Aids

When searching for mobility aids, fibromyalgia presents a unique set of challenges. As one of the best mobility aids for elderly or young adults living with fibromyalgia, a VELA Chair can help you effectively manage your disability and daily routine even on days when your body is failing you. 

Although our chair cannot cure fibromyalgia, it can provide relief by alleviating your symptoms, including pain, breathing issues, and fatigue. 

Helps You Through Good and Bad Days

While helping you navigate through good days and bad, a VELA Chair adapts to your needs and provides much-needed support by offering these benefits:

  • Electric Lift: Use our electric power lift function to raise or lower the seat height at the touch of a button. This adjustable seat feature gives you more flexibility when standing up, sitting down, or transferring to another piece of furniture.  
  • Wheels: Our fibromyalgia walking aids are equipped with four, smooth- running wheels that allow you to “walk” the chair around while remaining seated. 
  • Central Brake: Once you stop, engage the sturdy handbrake to lock the wheels so you can safely perform your next task without having to worry about the chair rolling out from under you.  
  • Ergonomic Design: You can configure a VELA Chair to provide optimal back and lumbar support, allowing you to comfortably transition from one activity to another. The foam-padded seat and backrest hug your body without placing additional stress on tender pressure points. 
  • Armrests: In addition to gently holding your body in, the armrests give you a place to rest tired arms while sitting at a desk or table. Need to transition to another surface? Use the sturdy armrests to support your body weight.

Regain Your Independence with a

VELA Chair

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Fibromyalgia Mobility Aids that Conserve Energy

Because pain and daily life often go hand-in-hand, those living with fibromyalgia typically feel rundown well before bedtime. Performing basic tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry, may require a level of strength and energy you simply do not have. 

By supporting you in a proper upright sitting posture, the VELA Chair can help you conserve precious strength and energy throughout the day. As a result, you may find yourself relying on the assistance of others progressively less the more you use our mobility aid around the home or as an office chair with locking wheels.

Find Your Perfect Chair

Highly Mobile Walking Aids for Fibromyalgia Patients

At VELA, our fibromyalgia mobility aids are designed with four, smooth-running wheels that let you “walk” or push the chair around while moving from room to room – all while remaining fully seated.

Our chair also doesn’t require much space to use, making it one of the best walking aids for fibromyalgia when deployed in the TV-viewing room, dining room, bedroom, as a kitchen chair with wheels, or at work in a meeting room, or office.

Fibromyalgia Aids that Support Seamless Transfers

Are you sitting in your VELA Chair but would like to do something else? No problem. Once you’ve locked the wheels with the easy-to-operate handbrake, a VELA Chair won’t roll away or move out from under you while changing positions or standing up.

The sturdy brake also allows you to safely transfer to and from other surfaces. Once the wheels are locked, you can use your VELA Chair to safely move to a couch, chair, or bed.

Fibromyalgia Mobility Aids with an Adjustable Seat

As much more than merely mobility aids for fibromyalgia patients, our chairs elevate fibromyalgia assistance to a whole new level. At VELA, our chairs come with an electric lift function that allows you to raise and lower the seat at the touch of a button once the brake is engaged.

Unlike standard office chairs with manual lifts, a VELA chair will gently move your body up or down, preventing you from experiencing unnecessary bumps that can cause or exacerbate body pain.

Supports You in the Highs and Lows

For those living with fibromyalgia, the electric lift on a VELA Chair can provide much- needed relief when used in various situations. For example, you can raise the seat height to reach items on upper cabinet or closet shelves without straining or losing your balance.

Or, push the button and lower the seat to safely unload the bottom dishwasher drawer or grab that pesky sock hiding in the back of the clothes dryer.

Live Better with All-In-One Fibromyalgia Walking Aids from VELA

With creature comforts that include a central brake, ergonomic seat and backrest, adjustable armrests, electric lift chairs from VELA are not your average, run-of-the-mill assistive devices for fibromyalgia patients.

Is fibromyalgia holding you back? There’s no time like the present to take back control of your daily routine and be more self-reliant with the amazing VELA Chair. Find yours by clicking on the link below.

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