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Turn Your Life Around with a Handicap Chair from VELA

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, while some are more lifestyle-limiting than others. Although they are marketed as handicapped chairs, some wheeled mobility aids don’t make you feel very free or independent. Resulting from years of research and development, a VELA Chair embodies what a handicap chair should be all about when it comes to your mobility, comfort, and self-reliance.

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A Chair Uniquely Designed for Today’s Disabled Adults

For the handicapped, chairs – the mobility kind – provide the means to overcome daily living challenges. At VELA, our specialty chairs for the handicapped help users regain their independence so they can lead more active and fulfilling lives. 

Feel restricted by physical limitations?

As highly versatile and multi-functional mobility aids, the built-in features on our disability chairs give users a decided advantage by offering these benefits:

Adjustable seat and armrests for individualized comfort

Electric seat height adjustment that streamlines transitions between activities

Smooth-running wheels for enhanced maneuverability across most surfaces

Stable braking system for optimal transferring safety

Don’t let physical limitations restrict you. Take back control of your life today by finding your very own handicap chair from VELA.

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All-in-One Chairs for Handicapped Adults

At VELA, we believe that our chairs for disabled adults are a cut above conventional assistive devices. For example, our easy-to-use hand controls put you in the “driver’s seat” by allowing you to adjust the chair to align with your exact needs. Whether you are searching for a handicapped office chair for the workplace or need assistance at home while relaxing or doing chores, our chair adapts to you and not the other way around. 

Not sure which VELA Chair model is right for you? No problem. Take this simple test now to get matched up with your lifestyle-enhancing handicap chair.

Standard Wheelchair, Power Wheelchair, or VELA Chair: Which Should You Choose?

Like everything else in life, you’ve got options when it comes to handicapped chairs for disabled adults – including standard wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. At VELA, we believe that our disability chairs stand apart from the rest by offering these additional benefits to those seeking mobility solutions:

  • Versatility: Unlike standard wheelchairs, our chairs for handicapped can easily be adjusted for different tasks and settings, giving you more flexibility when performing normal, everyday activities.
  • Maneuverability: Compared to bulky, inflexible wheelchairs that can be cumbersome to handle, a VELA Chair is nimble and highly maneuverable, making it the preferred choice for navigating tight spaces.
  • Comfort: Highly adaptable to various environments, our chairs for handicapped adults offer adjustable seating and armrests that ensure individualized support, resulting in an outstanding comfort level.
  • Peace of Mind: Thanks to its wheels and durable brake locking system, which you can easily reach while seated, a handicap chair from VELA keeps you safe and secure even while moving, standing up, or transferring.
  • Independence: Our chairs are specifically designed to promote independent and self-reliant lifestyles.

As you can see, with a VELA Chair you’ll enjoy a heightened sense of freedom and independence while navigating your home or workspace with ease and confidence.

Still on the fence? Take this simple test now to discover which VELA Chair model best fits your lifestyle and needs. What are you waiting for? Start your amazing journey on the road to leading a more active, independent, and fulfilling life today.   

Real-Life Stories: Testimonials from VELA Chair Owners

Over the years the VELA Chair has proven to be one of the best chairs for handicapped persons by transforming the lives of so many. Imagine how a revolutionary VELA Chair could change your life for the better. 

From ensuring optimal movement and safety to regaining one’s freedom and self-reliance, the possibilities are endless when using our chairs for disabled adults!

Is a Disability Cramping Your Style? It Doesn’t Have to Be that Way

If a disability is slowing you down at home or work, now is the time to take back control of your life with a fully functional handicap chair from VELA. With our chair, newfound freedom, comfort, and mobility are all within your grasp. Say goodbye to bulky, lifestyle-limiting conventional handicapped chairs and hello to the latest innovation in mobility aid technology – the incomparable VELA Chair.

Ready to Experience the VELA Chair Difference?

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a disability chair called?

    A disability chair, also known as an assistive chair, mobility chair, or adaptive chair, is specifically designed to aid individuals with physical disabilities. One such example is the VELA Chair, a high-quality assistive seating solution that promotes independence and comfort with its adjustable features and efficient mobility design.

  • What do you call a chair that helps you get up?

    A chair that aids users with disabilities in standing up is typically known as a lift chair or power lift recliner. However, another and more subtle and versatile solution is the VELA Chair, which, with its adjustable height feature, can help users safely transition from a sitting to a standing position, offering support and stability during the process.

  • What chairs are best for limited mobility?

    For individuals with disabilities resulting in limited mobility, chairs offering support, adaptability, and enhanced mobility are crucial. The VELA Chair stands out in this category, with its adjustable and secure design. The chair’s flexible features, secure brakes, and smooth-rolling wheels make it an excellent choice for individuals with limited mobility.

  • What is the best alternative to a wheelchair?

    While wheelchairs are a common solution for mobility challenges, alternatives like the VELA Chair can offer greater flexibility and comfort. The VELA Chair combines the mobility benefits of a wheelchair with the convenience and functionality of a standard chair. It’s adjustable, secure, and easy to maneuver, making it an exceptional alternative to traditional wheelchairs.

  • Can you use a wheelchair if you can walk?

    Yes, a wheelchair can be used even if a person can walk. Sometimes individuals with mobility issues can walk short distances but may need assistance for longer ones. Some people might need assistance at the end of the day due to fatigue. Chairs like the VELA Chair are perfect in such situations in the home, as they allow for secure mobility while also offering the option of walking when the user feels able. However, VELA Chairs are not suitable for trips outside.

  • Can you use a wheelchair if you’re not disabled?

    While wheelchairs are primarily designed for individuals with mobility impairments, they can also be used by those without disabilities in certain situations, such as recovering from surgery or injury. The VELA Chair, in particular, can be a practical choice for such temporary needs, providing comfort and mobility assistance while promoting recovery and regaining independence in daily activities.

  • Can you use a wheelchair without being disabled?

    Yes, wheelchairs can be used by people who are not permanently disabled but lack energy or strength to get through the day. They can also be used by people who require assistance with mobility for a certain period, such as during recovery from a surgery or an injury. For these temporary needs, the VELA Chair can be an excellent option. It provides the benefits of a wheelchair, like mobility assistance and comfort, while also facilitating an active lifestyle with its easy maneuverability and adjustable features.

  • What is a lift assist chair?

    A lift assist chair, also known as a power lift recliner, is a chair equipped with a mechanism that can tilt the chair forward and lift it to help the user move from a seated to a standing position. The VELA Chair, while not a lift chair in the traditional sense, offers adjustable height options that can aid in the process of standing up, providing a unique and adaptable alternative to typical lift assist chairs.

  • How to choose a wheelchair?

    Choosing a wheelchair involves considering several factors such as comfort, size, functionality, and the individual’s specific needs. It’s important to consider wheelchairs that offer good support, are easy to maneuver, and have adjustable features to suit the user’s preferences. One suitable option for the home is the VELA Chair. Its customizable features, including adjustable height, backrest, and armrests, coupled with its easy maneuverability, make it a great choice for regaining mobility at home.

  • How does a lift chair work?

    A lift chair works by using a power lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair up from its base, assisting the user to move from a seated to a standing position. This can be particularly useful for the elderly who may have difficulty standing from a sitting position. The VELA Chair offers a similar feature, where the chair stays in place and the seat is raised and tilted, aiding users in safely transitioning from sitting to standing.

We Speak by Experience

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