Essential Equipment for Stroke Patients at Home

A stroke occurs due to bleeding or a blood clot in the brain. In addition to speech-related complications, stroke victims often experience paralysis or numbness in their face, arm, or leg.

Depending on its severity, the effects of a stroke can be temporary or permanent. Some strokes are more debilitating than others.

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Stroke Patients Often Experience these Issues

There are many different assistive devices for stroke patients. For example, there are devices to help stroke victims walk. Once you suffer a stroke, you will more than likely need one or more stroke assistive devices to provide balance support and help you compensate for functional limitations.

Because a stroke can cause different complications depending on where in the brain it occurs, a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t always work when choosing the best stroke chair for you or a loved one. As a patient, you may experience issues like fatigue, paralysis, or poor balance. Senses like touch, hearing, and sight can also be impacted.

Assistive Devices for Stroke Patients

We design and manufacture top-quality chairs that help those living with disabilities and other functional limitations take back control of their lives – including stroke patients.

Our company’s mission is to offer reliable equipment for stroke patients at home that help them manage their daily routines in the most self-sufficient way possible.

When used in the home as assistive devices for stroke patients, VELA Chairs typically provide these benefits as a result:

Increased mobility

Lifting and transferring support

Improved balance

Enhanced security and comfort

Although it cannot eliminate your disability, A VELA Chair will allow you to do more things in less time by yourself, maintaining your quality of life and dignity in the process.

Ergonomic Devices to Help Stroke Victims Walk Again

As an essential piece of equipment for stroke patients at home, the four, smooth- running wheels on our chair allow you to “walk” or push the chair around while seated. This mobility function is notably beneficial when you have a leg that’s been paralyzed due to a stroke.

Our chair’s innovative design also gives you ample foot room, a feature ideal for those with balance issues or reduced leg function. The easy-to-operate central handbrake on a VELA Chair can be used to lock the wheels after you’ve come to a complete stop. Once the brake is engaged, you can then use your chair as a stable base to stand up or transfer to a couch, bed, toilet, or chair.

Because a mobility chair should also be comfortable, our chairs are ergonomically designed with body-hugging padding and support in all the right places, including the seat, backrest, and armrests.

Envision this scenario: After using your electric lift chair to seamlessly navigate the kitchen while preparing lunch, you “walk” yourself effortlessly into the living room, lock the wheels, relax, and watch TV. You then remember that you’ve got a load of clean laundry in the dryer. After using your good leg to wheel yourself over to the laundry area, you set the brake and use both hands to unload the dryer.

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Safe Transfers for Those with Hemiplegic Paralysis

Hemiplegic paralysis resulting from a blood clot in the brain can make it notably difficult for stroke patients to walk or stand by themselves. Even though physical therapy can train your body to support its weight again, your balance will probably never be the same.

As devices to help stroke victims walk again, our chairs provide a stable foundation upon which you can safely transfer, minimizing your likelihood for falling.

Want to move from your VELA Chair to a bed or couch? Simply activate the brake, find the right chair height at the push of a button, and transfer without losing your balance or exerting a lot of energy.

The Perfect Solution for Those Needing Leg Support

A stroke can cause functional impairment in one leg or foot. Thanks to a VELA Chair, you can now get the reliable leg or foot support you need on the impaired side of your body. With our chair, you can rest the injured foot safely out of the way on the foot support.

A VELA Chair also has an electric lift function, allowing you to raise or lower the seat height at the touch of a button once the wheels are locked. This adjustable seat height feature lets you safely reach items on surfaces high and low without ever having to get up.

Don’t Let an Arm or Hand Disability Slow You Down

If you have an unusable arm or hand due to a stroke, the adjustment handles on a VELA Chair can be installed on the “healthy” side of your body so you can easily access them. Doing so will allow you to take full advantage of your chair’s features, including the electric lift and brakes.

“Level the Playing Field” with a VELA Chair

When it strikes you or a loved one, a stroke can be a real game-changer for the entire family. By helping you maintain your physical function, the right stroke assistive device can help you “level the playing field” while performing normal, everyday activities around the house. 

As essential home equipment for stroke patients, a VELA Chair can simplify your life and help you reclaim your dignity and self-reliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can a stroke patient sit in a wheelchair?

    Yes, but ensuring proper support and comfort is essential. Chairs like the VELA Chair can be a great aid thanks to their adjustable features and focus on maintaining good posture.

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