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VELA Chairs: Bathroom Aids for the Handicapped

Most people get up in the morning and head to the bathroom so they can use the toilet, brush their teeth, groom, and dress. For those living with a disability, that morning routine is not so easy as they struggle to move around and manage their personal care needs.

If allowed to persist, an inability to perform personal care tasks can threaten a disabled individual’s health and well-being and place their independence at risk.

Using a VELA Chair as one of their handicap aids for the bathroom will empower users and improve their quality of life by making their bathroom routines more manageable.

Adult using bathroom aid for the handicapped

Improve Your Quality of Life with a VELA Chair

Is a disability disrupting your bathroom routine? Regain your independence by using a VELA Chair as your handicapped bathroom aid. As a helping hand in any handicap-accessible bathroom, VELA Chairs are uniquely designed with ergonomics and function in mind to deliver maximum benefits to those living with a disability.  

For starters, a VELA Chair has smooth-running wheels that allow you to effortlessly “walk” or push yourself into the bathroom while seated. Even if your bathroom floor is tiled, the chair’s large wheels make it possible to seamlessly roll over most surfaces, including tile, vinyl, laminate, and wood.

See Yourself like Never Before

The sturdy brake on our chair provides balance and security, allowing you to safely and comfortably focus on your personal care needs. When it’s time to shave, brush your teeth, comb your hair, or apply makeup, the chair’s electric lift feature lets you raise or tilt the seat forward so you can be closer to the mirror.

Once you’ve set the brake and adjusted the seat, the VELA Chair will firmly support your body weight, freeing up your upper body and arms. In this way, our chair restores peace of mind by keeping you safe and stable as you perform personal care tasks in front of your bathroom mirror.

VELA Chairs: Handicap Aids for Bathroom Use That Help You Transfer

For those living with a disability that affects their balance, coordination, and lower body strength, safely getting on and off the toilet can be very difficult. Equipped with sturdy armrests and a stable brake, a VELA Chair makes the transfer process much more manageable. 

Once you’ve engaged the brake, you can raise or lower the chair at the touch of a button – allowing you to feel safe and confident knowing you can maintain your balance while using the toilet or navigating around your bathroom space.

Daily Bathroom Challenges for the Disabled

Poor balance, low energy, and reduced muscle strength are all common bathroom challenges for those with a disability. Managing personal care tasks without assistance often becomes difficult for even the most determined handicapped individuals. 

For some, daily bathroom routine activities like using the toilet or standing up at the sink to groom, brush teeth, or apply makeup eventually become impossible to complete without hiring a professional caregiver or relying on loved ones.

Handicap Aids for Bathroom Activities

As a welcomed aid in any handicap-friendly bathroom, the VELA Chair makes it much easier and safer to transfer from chair to toilet and vice versa. Use a shower seat? No problem, as the chair’s reliable brake and sturdy armrests will securely support you while moving back and forth. Taking back control of your bathroom routine with our chair means you won’t have to rely on others to assist you!

In addition to supporting your bathroom routine, a VELA Chair can help you efficiently manage other normal, everyday activities and chores when used elsewhere in the home.

Around the house with a

VELA chair

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Bathroom Aids for the Disabled

When you need handicap bathroom assistance to bathe or shower, the VELA Chair’s four smooth-running wheels allow you to “walk” or push yourself closer to the bathing bench, bath tub, or shower chair. Once the brake is engaged, you can safely transfer without losing your balance. 

Please note that the chair cannot get wet due to its electric features.

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Change Clothes All by Yourself

When you’re a handicapped adult, relying on someone else to help you get dressed can be embarrassing. A VELA Chair can restore your dignity by allowing you to dress and undress by yourself when issues like poor balance, low energy, or reduced leg strength are holding you back. 

Once you’ve engaged the brake and are sitting down, simply grasp the sturdy armrest and lean to one side while putting on or taking off your pants, socks, shirt, or other clothing items. And because changing clothes is something you don’t just do in the bathroom, our chair can safely be used in other parts of your home, including the bedroom.

Ready to Experience the VELA Chair Difference?

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do you get up from the toilet with bad knees?

    Getting up from the toilet with bad knees can be a real struggle for many people. One effective solution is to use the VELA Chair, which can be adjusted to an appropriate height to help the user move from the chair to the toilet seat. When done with the business, one moves back to the chair, without much pressure on the knees. Then the chair lifts you up to a standing position with the sit-to-stand feature.

  • How can we prevent accidents in the bathroom?

    Preventing accidents in the bathroom involves creating a safer and more accessible environment. This can be done by installing grab bars and using non-slip mats to avoid slipping. Adequate lighting is also crucial to prevent accidents. Furthermore, using a VELA Chair can add a layer of safety. Thanks to its locking wheels, it can be positioned conveniently and provide stable support, for example while shaving or putting on makeup. The electric lift makes sure you have the appropriate height to the mirror.

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