A Multi-Functional Hemiplegic Chair for Home or Office Use

Hemiplegia is a condition resulting from brain damage or spinal cord injury that causes paralysis on one side of the body. While it may be congenital, hemiplegia is often caused by a stroke. Although the degree of hemiplegic symptoms vary depending on the extent and location of the injury, most patients experience weakness, issues with muscle control, and muscle stiffness.

As one of the best assistive devices for hemiplegia, a VELA Chair helps those living with the condition manage their daily routines so they can lead more fulfilling lives.

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Leading-Edge Walking Aids for Hemiplegia

At VELA, we specialize in high-quality assistive devices for hemiplegia and other disabilities. While standing at the forefront of technology for mobility aids for seniors and adults, our high-quality chairs are backed by five decades of research and development.

Designed to accommodate the normal, everyday needs of hemiplegia patients, a VELA Chair is all about ergonomics, mobility, and adaptability. Our mission is to create an aid that simplifies everyday life for individuals with hemiplegia by helping them perform activities of daily living with minimal outside assistance.

Meet Your Challenges with Confidence

Because paralysis makes daily tasks more challenging, a hemiplegic chair from VELA provides users with these benefits when used at home or work:

  • Increased mobility
  • Independent movement
  • Promotes a proper sitting posture
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • Enhanced comfort and stability
  • Sit-to-stand assistance
  • Adapts as your needs change

As much more than a hemiplegia walking aid, a VELA Chair can help you take better care of yourself so you can live with dignity and self-awareness.

Hemiplegia Assistive Devices that Support Safe Transfers

At VELA, our mobility chairs are equipped with four, smooth-running wheels that allow you to “walk” or push the chair around. Once stopped, you can lock the wheels in place by engaging the central brake. If muscle weakness is a concern, your VELA Chair will provide a sturdy base you can hold onto or lean against while reaching for items on a shelf, countertop, or table.

When you suffer from hemiplegia, transferring from one surface to another can be a daunting and unnerving experience. With a VELA Chair, safe transfers are as easy as one, two, three. Once the wheels are locked, use the electric lift chair to sit high up or low down. Next, gently transfer yourself onto another piece of furniture. It really is that simple!

Imagine this: You wake up in the morning and “walk” your VELA Chair to the bathroom so you can use the toilet. Arriving at the toilet, you lock the wheels, adjust the seat height, and transfer to the toilet seat with minimal effort. When finished, you move back to your VELA Chair, unlock the wheels, and move on to your next activity.

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A Hemiplegic Chair with Sturdy Armrests

Because it paralyzes one side of the body, a mobility chair with armrests is essential for those living with hemiplegia – which is why every VELA Chair comes with padded armrests. When it’s time to get up, you can use one armrest to support the healthy side of your body. For your convenience, the brake lever and the push buttons for the electric lift can be placed on whichever side of the chair you prefer.

You can also restrict movements on the afflicted side by supporting your paralyzed arm on the other armrest, maintaining it in a comfortable position.

Posture-Enhancing Assistive Devices for Adults Living with Hemiplegia

Having a chair that comfortably supports your body in an upright position is another positive for those living with hemiplegia. A VELA Chair is ergonomically designed to deliver optimal comfort and support when and where it’s needed most.

Our chairs have foam-padded seats and backrests that gently hug your body while holding it in an upright seated position. When you have hemiplegia, maintaining a proper sitting posture benefits you in many ways, including better breathing, a reduced likelihood for fatigue, and a safer, more relaxing dining experience.

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Walking Aids for Hemiplegia Patients with Leg Paralysis

Do you have a functional impairment that affects one leg or foot? If so, you can comfortably use the footrest on a VELA Chair to support the paralyzed limb to rest it safely whenever you use the chair.

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Sit-to-Stand Assistive Devices for Hemiplegia Patients

Hemiplegic paralysis can also make it difficult to sit down or stand up. At VELA, our chairs are designed with an electric power lift that you can use to raise or lower the seat at the touch of a button.

When it’s time to get up, simply set the handbrake, adjust the seat height, and use your healthy arm to push off as you rise to your feet. Once the wheels are locked, you can also use your VELA Chair as a sturdy base to perform various tasks, like putting away your clean dishes, using the copier at work, or doing rehabilitation therapy exercises.

A Versatile Hemiplegic Chair that Adapts to You

Living with hemiplegia paralysis doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a mobility aid that can adapt to your changing needs, and not the other way around. At VELA, our chairs are built to last and equipped with the latest features to ensure they meet your present and future needs.

As one of the best assistive devices for hemiplegia, a VELA Chair adapts as your needs change, giving you a heightened sense of independence as you manage normal, everyday activities by yourself.

Time to Optimize Your Sitting Experience?

As much more than ordinary walking aids for hemiplegia patients, our chairs are durable, versatile, and comfortable. While supporting your daily routine at home or work, a VELA Chair is uniquely designed to deliver the optimal sitting experience for those with hemiplegic paralysis. Ready to elevate your sitting game? Find the perfect VELA Chair model for you now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a hemiplegic chair?

    A hemiplegic chair is designed to accommodate those with paralysis on one side of the body. The VELA Chair, with its adjustable features and efficient braking system, can serve as an excellent hemiplegic chair, supporting ease of movement and stability.

  • What is a hemiplegic chair for mobility?

    A hemiplegic chair for mobility is typically adapted to the user’s specific needs. The VELA Chair can be adjusted to suit the user’s dominant side, aiding in efficient movement and comfort.

  • What is a disability chair called?

    While a wheelchair is a common type of disability chair, there are other options such as the VELA Chair. This versatile chair can enhance mobility and independence for those with disabilities.

  • What assistive device is used for hemiplegia?

    While wheelchairs and walking aids are commonly used, the VELA Chair is another beneficial tool for individuals with hemiplegia. Its adjustable settings and secure design help promote stability and mobility.

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