Bariatric Chairs Let You Dream Big

Americans are bigger than ever before, driving the demand for bariatric chairs that can help them overcome weight-related challenges that disrupt their daily routines. At VELA, our bariatric lift chair is fully functional and versatile, empowering users to dream big and live large – whether it’s at home or the office.

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Bariatric Adults Live with These Challenges

A person is classified as having obesity and may be referred to as a bariatric patient when they have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. Many bariatric individuals have difficulty moving around and performing normal, everyday activities due to medical conditions that affect their muscles and joints, energy level, or breathing. Even worse, immobility can aggravate body pain and other medical conditions.

As an overweight person, finding the best chair for your body and lifestyle can be challenging. At VELA, our bariatric lift chairs can hold 385 to 660 lbs.depending on the model, allowing users to be more active and self-reliant.

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Manage Your Daily Routine with a Bariatric Lift Chair

Equipped with easy-to-operate features like an electric lift and a sturdy handbrake, you can use our bariatric chair with arms to safely and comfortably transfer to or from a couch, bed, or chair.

A VELA Chair also has four smooth-running wheels, allowing you to rest tired legs and conserve vital energy by effortlessly “walking” yourself around. Once you’ve stopped and activated the brake, you’ll have two hands available to complete chores or participate in fun activities.

Imagine this scenario: After waking up, you use your VELA Chair to transfer out of bed and “walk” yourself to the bathroom. After setting the brake, you use the electric lift to raise you up so you can stand at the sink and brush your teeth.

After sitting down and lowering the seat at the touch of a button, you release the brake and seamlessly glide back into the bedroom to change clothes. Using the chair as a sturdy base, you put on your pants without losing your balance. With a VELA Chair, it really is that simple!

An Ergonomic Bariatric Lift Chair with a 600-lb. Capacity

Using a bariatric mobility aid shouldn’t force you to compromise on comfort. A VELA Chair is ergonomically designed with larger individuals in mind. Its soft seat conforms to your body while firmly-yet-comfortably cushioning the thighs and buttocks, gently supporting your shape while evenly distributing body weight to relieve pressure.

The backrest and seat on a VELA Chair are upholstered with a durable, stain- and moisture-resistant fabric that helps keep your body cool and dry even on a hot summer day.

Last-but-not-least, the adjustable armrests on our bariatric chairs are wide and sturdy, giving your arms plenty of room to work at your desk, play with your kids, or complete a load of laundry.

As an obese individual, the benefits of using our bariatric chair are many, including the fact you’ll relieve tired joints and conserve precious energy that can then be used on other chores and fun activities.

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Get More Done with Our Bariatric Office Chair

If you are currently employed, a bariatric lift chair from VELA can help you get more done in less time while attracting the attention of your superiors. Depending on the model, our bariatric office chair can safely and comfortably hold 660 lbs, greatly minimizing your likelihood to experience back pain and foot or leg numbness.

Want to take a stretch break? Simply set the brake and use the electric lift function to raise the seat so you can safely transfer from a sitting to standing position. 

An Extra Benefit for You

As an added benefit, once your workday is over you’ll still feel energetic enough to make dinner for your family, organize the closet, or wash clothes – all without relying on others for assistance.

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Breathe Better with a VELA Chair for Bariatric Adults

Obesity can place more stress on your diaphragm, making it difficult to breathe while working in your office or doing household chores. Lying down, slouching, or cramming your body into an undersized chair isn’t going to help you maintain a healthy breathing posture.  

Thanks to its ergonomic design, a VELA Chair keeps your body in an upright position, relieving pressure off your diaphragm and lungs so you can breathe in more oxygen-rich air.

Because Not All Surfaces Are Created Equal

Reaching surfaces high and low around the home or workplace can be exhausting and painful when you’re overweight. With its easy-to-operate electric lift, a VELA Chair can be adjusted while remaining seated, allowing you to reach items on upper or lower surfaces with minimal discomfort and effort.  

Envision this scenario: You’ve invited some friends over for dinner. You “walk” your VELA Chair to the kitchen pantry, lock the wheels, raise the seat height, and use both hands to grab food items off the top shelf. After lowering the seat and releasing the brake, you glide effortlessly to the stove and prepare food. 

After a relaxing evening with friends, you use your chair to wash dishes in the sink and load the dishwasher’s bottom shelf while using the sturdy armrests and backrest to support your weight.

Because it’s highly mobile and very versatile, a bariatric chair from VELA can be used throughout the home, including as a heavy duty living room chairs, dining chairs for heavy people, in the kitchen, bedroom, as a heavy duty desk chair in the office, and when going to the bathroom. 

A Stable and Secure Bariatric Aid

At VELA, our top-quality bariatric lift chairs are engineered to hold up to 660 lbs. depending on the model. The frame and legs are made from reinforced steel, while the seat is crafted from durable, stain- and wear-resistant fabric. 

Whether you choose to use our bariatric chair to sit, move around, or stand up, these innovative features improve stability, allowing you to sit back and relax with peace of mind.

Better yet, feeling stable and secure in your VELA Chair will allow you to maintain your self-reliance and dignity no matter what life sends your way!

Ready to Take Back Control of Your Daily Routine?

Being excessively overweight shouldn’t keep you from dreaming big and living large. At VELA, our multi-functional bariatric lift chairs hold up to 500 or 600 lbs., allowing users to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals while living life to the fullest. Time to find the right VELA Chair for you?

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