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Multi-Functional Arthritis Assistive Devices for Adults of All Ages

As a common disorder that targets bones, muscles, and joints, arthritis can cause pain and inflammation, making it difficult to move around or stay active. While arthritis may present in many forms, most patients have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Typically diagnosed in older adults, arthritis can also develop earlier in life, causing discomfort and functional limitations at home or work.

In addition to medical treatment, exercise, and a healthy diet, patients may require arthritis mobility aids and other arthritis assistive products to get them through the day.

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Versatile Assistive Devices for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Depending on the day, arthritis-related challenges can significantly slow you down and put a damper on your daily routine. Whether it’s osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, you may experience arm, leg, or back pain, poor balance, issues when using your hands, difficulty walking, and other complications.1,2

At VELA, we understand the daily challenges people living with arthritis face. Ergonomically designed and highly adaptable, our mobility chairs are a welcomed relief while helping those with arthritis more effectively manage their normal, everyday routines.

All the Features You Can Imagine

A VELA Chair has several built-in features that can help you overcome many of the challenges posed by arthritis, including these:

  • Smooth-Running Wheels: This feature allows you to push or “walk” yourself around while remaining seated, conserving precious energy while relieving stress off achy joints and muscles. The wheels on our chair allow you to seamlessly navigate across most surfaces, including tile, wood, and stone. 
  • Ergonomic Support: Our chair’s foam-padded seat, armrests, and backrest conform to your body and gently hug to its contours, providing optimal comfort and support in all the right places. 
  • Central Brake: Once activated, the sturdy handbrake locks the wheels, preventing the chair from rolling away or moving out from under you while reaching for items or transferring to another surface. 
  • Electric Lift: Our chair is a high-quality electric lift chair, allowing you to gently raise or lower the seat height at the touch of a button. In addition to providing sit-to-stand assistance, this feature allows you to reach surfaces high and low with minimal effort. 
  • Sturdy Armrests: While holding you safely and comfortably in place, the armrests on our chair also give you a place to rest tired arms while eating or working at a desk. Use the sturdy armrests to support your body weight.

As highly adaptive equipment for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, the VELA Chair conforms to your changing needs while making everyday life go much easier.

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Reliable Arthritis Assistive Products for Home or Work

In a worldwide context, arthritis is a prevalent chronic joint condition that affects more than 500 million people, which is equivalent to 7% of the global population.3

As someone living with arthritis, sitting in a standard office chair for more than an hour or so can be a painful and distracting experience. While many office chairs claim to be “ergonomic,” most do not come with an electric lift function or brake. Even worse, others don’t even have a place to comfortably rest your tired arms.

As a reliable arthritis assistance alternative, a VELA Chair can make your work experience much more relaxing and enjoyable by adjusting to your needs and not the other way around.

Compact Versatility

Unlike some mobility aids for rheumatoid arthritis, a VELA Chair is compact enough to negotiate tighter spaces found in the home or workplace. While taking advantage of your VELA Chair at work, you’ll feel more relaxed and energized throughout the day, boosting your productivity.

Even if you have an arthritis-related disability, our chair can usually help you remain focused and more efficiently manage your daily workload whenever unexpected arthritis flare-ups occur.

Be Mobile and Stay Refreshed with Our Arthritis Aids

Depending on the day, arthritis can quickly deplete your energy. An arthritis chair from VELA can help you stay refreshed by supporting your daily routine, giving you more energy to do activities you enjoy – like spending time with loved ones.

Using the VELA chair instead of standing for long periods can prevent joint strain and save energy for other activities. This is particularly helpful for activities like doing the dishes, peeling potatoes, or preparing vegetables at the kitchen table.4

Picture this: After using your VELA Chair to prepare a nutritious dinner in the kitchen, you set the brake, adjust the seat height, and tilt the seat forward so you can wash dishes in the sink.

Mobility, Mobility, Mobility

After completing your chores, you “walk” your chair into the living room so you can watch TV. After locking the wheels, you lower the seat and gently slide onto the couch without straining your joints.

As one of the best rheumatoid arthritis aids for daily living, a VELA Chair can help you stay active and be more productive while relying on minimal assistance from others.

Safety-Enhancing Assistive Devices for Arthritis Patients

Designed with arthritis patients in mind, our chair has a sturdy central brake that locks the wheels firmly in place. That way, you can rest assured that your VELA Chair will not roll away when you stand up, sit down, or reach for something.

The robust electric lift on our chairs provides sit-to-stand assistance, allowing you to conserve precious energy and minimize stress on painful joints and muscles.

Supportive Chair with Arms

A VELA Chair also has sturdy armrests that provide stability and support when you need it most. As a preferred armchair for those with arthritis, our chair can be used to facilitate safe transfers, as a sit-to-stand aid, or as an uber-comfortable relaxation or dining chair.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using your VELA Chair at home or work to save energy and enjoy the freedom of completing your normal, everyday routine without assistance.

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Ergonomic Chairs that Facilitate Smooth Transitions

Unlike arthritis assistive products like walkers and canes, you can sit in a VELA Chair and do household chores and fun activities while enjoying optimal comfort and support.

The foam-padded components on our chair support you in an upright sitting posture, improving breathing and conserving energy while reducing stress off arthritic joints.

With a VELA Chair, you can “walk” or push yourself from room to room while smoothly transitioning from one activity to another – giving your body a well- deserved break.

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Pain-Relieving Assistive Devices for Rheumatoid Arthritis

People with arthritis typically experience joint pain and brief stiffness after rest or inactivity, especially in the hands, knees, hips, neck, and lower back.5

Arthritis is often accompanied by significant discomfort that can be temporary or permanent, creating the need for mobility aids that double as mechanical pain relievers. That’s where a VELA Chair comes in.

Once it’s in your home or workplace, the electric lift on our chair can prevent painful bumps and jolts, while the power seat lift makes it much easier to transition from a sitting to standing position and vice versa.

Because our chairs double as mechanical pain relievers, you’ll be more likely to feel less-fatigued no matter what life throws at you.

Arthritis Activity Chairs with Easy-to-Operate Controls

Is arthritis making it more difficult to use your hands and fingers? Ideal for those with diminished hand strength or crooked fingers, the easy-to-operate controls on a VELA Chair can be used to overcome the daily living challenges posed by arthritic hands and fingers. 

With our chair, you can lock the brake, raise and lower the seat, or adjust the armrests with minimal effort – making them practical assistive devices for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis patients.

Time to Simplify Your Daily Routine?

At VELA, our innovative arthritis assistive devices are backed by decades of user feedback and research and development. We are proud of the fact our chairs have helped countless users manage their arthritis more effectively while taking back control of their daily routines.

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