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Heavy-Duty Chairs for Larger Adults

Excess body weight can be caused by several factors, some of which are outside our control – like an accident, illness, or disability. Without mobility assistance, being overweight or obese can restrict your movement and prevent you from performing normal, everyday tasks around the home or workplace.

At VELA, our heavy duty lift chair is uniquely designed for adults up to 660 lbs., allowing them to take back control of their daily routines so they can enjoy a higher quality of life.


A Heavy-Duty Chair Can Simplify Life

Overweight and obese adults often experience challenges that impact their lives. Our heavy-duty chairs empower users by providing them with these benefits:

Large Capacity Electric Lift

With a 660-lb. lifting capacity, our chair allows you to reach high and low surfaces with minimal effort. Gently raise or lower the seat to reach items on top or bottom cabinet shelves without straining, or use the electric lift to help you get up while maintaining your balance.

Mobility Assistance

Equipped with four, smooth-running wheels, you can “walk” or push yourself around while seated in a VELA Chair. Using our chair as a mobility aid will help you conserve energy and strength throughout the day so you can do more things you enjoy.

Safety and Security

Once engaged, our chair’s reliable handbrake gives you a stable base from which you can safely perform essential chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. The sturdy armrests on a heavy-duty VELA Chair provide superior support while seated, transitioning, or standing up.

Proper Sitting Posture

When you’re overweight or obese, slouching can significantly reduce your ability to breathe. Our heavy-duty chair adjusts so that it fits you perfectly, keeping your body in an upright sitting posture that promotes better breathing.

Heavy Duty Lift Chairs

A Heavy-Duty Chair that Boosts Productivity

With its four, smooth-running wheels and streamlined profile, a VELA Chair can be “walked” or pushed around your home without bumping into objects or losing your balance. Its innovative design provides ample room between the wheels so your feet won’t get hung up.

While seamlessly navigating most surfaces, the smooth-running wheels on our heavy-duty chair makes gliding from Point A to Point B a seamless experience.

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Less Pain, More Gain

Because you don’t have to get up, walk, and sit down again, you’ll conserve energy throughout the day that can then be used for things you enjoy.

Excessive body weight and chronic pain can make it hard to transport oneself from room to room or station to station while at home or work. With a heavy-duty desk chair from VELA, that exercise is no longer unmanageable as you save energy and cast pain aside while focusing on the task at hand.

Conveniently Multi-Task with Enhanced Comfort

In addition to depleting your energy and stressing tired legs, taking countless steps throughout the day when you’re overweight can be painful. That’s where a VELA Chair comes in.

Unlike some mobility aids, our heavy-duty chair lets you conveniently manage multiple tasks without overworking tired legs or exhausting your energy. As a true and extra wide heavy-duty lift chair, ours is equipped with a durable electric lift that provides the perfect working height while tasking away on elevated surfaces.

Same Chair, Countless Possibilities

Envision this scenario: After completing paperwork at your desk, you “walk” yourself to the kitchen while sitting in your VELA Chair and prepare a nutritious lunch using the stove and countertops. After loading the dishwasher, you glide casually into the living room to do some house cleaning. Using the electric lift, you lock the sturdy handbrake, gently raise your body and hold onto the armrest so you can dust off your upper bookshelves.

Even better, you perform most of these tasks while remaining securely and comfortably seated thanks to our chair’s sturdy construction and ergonomic design. An extra wide heavy-duty chair from VELA hugs your body in all the right places, providing reliable support for your upper and lower back.

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Breathe Better with a Heavy-Duty Lift Chair from VELA

Being overweight or obese can keep your diaphragm from working efficiently. As breathing becomes more labored, your ability to complete routine tasks around the
home or workplace also suffers.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, a VELA Chair provides optimal support for both your arms and back. By helping you attain a proper posture, our chair helps you breathe better by giving your diaphragm plenty of space to move. Because muscle and joint pain can worsen your breathing, an upright and relaxed posture is even more vital for your health and well-being when your body is oversized.

Rest Easier While Sitting in Our Heavy-Duty Chair

Many larger adults feel uncomfortable while sitting in unfamiliar chairs because they don’t know if they will hold their body weight.

Crafted from top-quality materials, our heavy duty chairs are rated to hold up to 660 lbs. Unlike other chairs, you’ll never have to worry about a VELA Chair holding you up. Rest assured that it will.

Spend More Time Doing Activities You Enjoy

If you prefer to “walk” or push yourself around, the four, smooth-running wheels on a VELA Chair will help you reach your destination with minimal effort. Whether it’s at home or work, our chair enables you to perform more tasks in less time, leaving you extra hours in the day to hang out with friends or participate in your favorite hobbies.

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Safely Change Positions with Peace of Mind

Designed to support overweight or obese adults, our extra wide heavy-duty chairs are reinforced to hold up to 660 lbs. When you’re ready to stand up, simply engage the powerful handbrake, activate the electric lift, and safely push off the sturdy armrests without worrying about the chair rolling away.

Sit Up and Stay Active with a Heavy Duty Chair from VELA

Carrying around too much body weight can make it difficult to walk and stand for an entire day. As a result, you may find yourself wasting countless hours each day lying down – a factor that won’t help you lose weight or replenish your energy.

A VELA Chair helps promote a more active lifestyle by supporting your weight and relieving pain while sitting down. As an added benefit, you’ll also breathe better – all of which can lead to a happier, healthier you!

Is Excessive Body Weight Holding You Back?

Is being overweight keeping you from being the person you’ve always wanted to be? If so, there’s no time like the present to regain your dignity and take back your self-reliance with a VELA Chair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What chair can hold the most weight?

    The VELA Epic Chair is designed to comfortably support individuals up to 660 lbs. Its strong and durable construction ensures it can accommodate users safely and comfortably, thereby encouraging independence and mobility for people of all body types.

  • How many pounds can a lift chair lift?

    Lift chairs are designed to accommodate various weight capacities, typically ranging from 325 lbs to 500 lbs, or even more. The VELA Epic Chair is designed with a robust mechanism that can comfortably lift and support users up to 660 lbs.

  • What is a bariatric office chair?

    A bariatric office chair is specifically designed to comfortably support individuals who weigh at least 500 pounds. The VELA Epic Chair, while suitable for a wide range of users, offers robust support and comfort, accommodating users up to 660 lbs.

  • Do office chairs have a weight limit?

    Standard office chairs generally support up to 250 pounds. However, chairs like the VELA Epic Chair are designed to safely accommodate users with different body types up to 660 lbs, providing comfort, stability, and mobility to a wider range of individuals.

  • What is the difference between a bariatric and regular wheelchair?

    While regular wheelchairs typically bear up to 250 lbs, bariatric wheelchairs support up to 1000 lbs, or more. The VELA Epic Chair is designed to cater to a diverse range of users, offering comfort and mobility beyond a standard wheelchair for individuals up to 660 lbs.

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